Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hmm I'm still having this infatuation for my new lens.
Hence I've decided to go on the Photo-a-day project - long term commitment for my new infatuated target - until the day I'm bored with it or I am able to find my new love.

I wanted to set a theme on weekly basis but I feel that it is somehow it is restricted.
Hence. No theme~

This project is also known as project 365 - but I doubt that I could stand for 365 days.

Well, we will see.

p/s: I drag my dai sai lou (big brother in cantonese. as in. the older younger brother.[???]) to participate this project too.

It's easier to keep something on when you have a companion down the road - hence my diet plan has never been successful - it is not necessary for my companion (by that i mean you April) to join the diet plan.

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