Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PaD - one lazy afternoon

Life has been so calm as examination is approaching
(calm is an overly nice way of putting it.
dull would be more appropriate in that sense)

The word 'lazy' here is defined as 'not hanging out, not doing anything exciting'.
It's noon now and I think that I will be staying home for one whole day.Books. Highlighters. and GossipGirl.

Minus the books and the highlighters (plus the GossipGirl series),
I can imagine how life is when I am retired.

Now I have a picture of I sitting on a rocking chair,
beside the fireplace,
with a pair of thick glasses meant for hyperopia,
knitting under the warm dimmed light.
(I can knit, by the way)
Oh... a lazy Persian cat would be perfect for the picture.

Jeez. This is so old-schooled (and hot... for Malaysia's weather)
I don't want my retired life to be in that way.
It's way too calm for me.

I guess even if I retire,
I wouldn't stay home like how I am now.
I will be bound by nothing by then.
No books, no highlighters (and no GossipGirl series).


Perhaps I would be bound by my grandchildren.
Plus the plants at the gardens.

Hold on again.

I have not started working,
I have not even graduated,
and retirement had taken place in my mind already.

Again, I am impressed by myself,
for being such a well-planned person.

Well, back to books and highlighters (plus GossipGirl series)

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