Sunday, March 28, 2010

PaD - self-pampered

Some of you might be thinking that I was indulging myself in some holy sweetness.
Yes I love eating;
eating is memang an excellent way of pampering myself but I'm not referring to food this time.
(oooooooooo... that's something new)

So it's about...
Yellow dimmed light.
(yes. like you cannot see it)

aroma oil.
(too bad. you cannot smell it)

loose pyjamas.
(you won't wanna wear it.
it's ugly)

deep massage.
(aiks? you can't feel it.)


Yeap. It's about Thai massage.

I think I'm aging.
I started to have backache,
and I feel soreness on my neck and shoulder,
despite that I practice Yoga on daily basis.
(erm... maybe I do it in a wrong way.
I did follow an instructor,
but I quit,
and practise on my own instead)

Assume that I still have another 50 years to live on,
it would mean that I will be having backache for half a century.
How pathetic.

I think it is because I sleep too late.
My body becomes acidic and hence it turns sour which results in the pain.
I try to cure it by drinking lemon juice and apple cider vinegar but it seems that it doesn't work.
(don't laugh at me.
experts say that these stuff would alkalinise [is there such a word] our body)

In the end, massage helps.

For the very first time,
I feel weird when the lady therapist squeeze my butt.
She claims that she's from Thailand,
then there was once I thought that she could be a he,
who went on transsexual operation and turned to a lady,
and started to molest the customers,
and got paid while getting sexual gratification.

Sometimes I'm impressed with myself for being so imaginative.
(for nonsensical stuff)

Then things gone normal after few times.
And I stopped thinking that she's a transsexual.
She is really good in cracking joints,
and has never failed to make the desired popping sounds.
(uber satisfaction.
Syok habis~)

K, another month till the next session. =)
(RM38 for 60 minutes~
faster ask me the location la~~~~)

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