Thursday, March 25, 2010

PaD - Identical

I saw a bottle which is same as mine when I passed by Mr. fruit seller's stall which is located outside my college.

It's common if you find that someone carry the same bottle with you if you are using those kind of colorful transparent Felton bottles but mine is special - got monkey's equation somemore.
(refer to the previous post)

Do you believe in destiny?

I have to write in Chinese.
It sounds more sentimental that way.
Some words just can't be replaced.

It's the only picture I was able to capture because I wanted the uncle to be in it but the uncle was too busy with his business.

What if one day I meet someone who looks exactly same like me?
I heard from somewhere that there are 7 other people who looks exactly like you around the globe and if you meet with one of them one day, both of you would be in great trouble.

I still wanna meet them though.

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