Friday, March 26, 2010

PaD - Painful reminder

I don't have unusual fetish for bottles,
despite that my previous post is related to bottles too.
It's just a coincidence.
This is my boss's tumbler which is placed in the pantry, beside the basin.
That's one of the most noticeable area in the pantry.
So whenever I wash my hands or look for food or look for tissue papers or look for drinks,
my sight would automatically lie on the tumbler.

And Leehom reminds me of my crush.

He is a fan of Leehom's. *I guess*
He likes Leehom because he thinks that he looks like him. *I think*
Well, for a narcissist who is so in love with himself,
it is perfectly sensible for me to come out with this thought.

Can die or not?
I still, sorta like, haven't gotten over it -
despite that I tell the whole world that I feel nothing for this person anymore.
It's been about 3 months since our first and last meeting.
(We did not have sex.
You will realise the importance of this piece of information as you read on)
This is, perhaps, my longest term of infatuation in my life.
(I hope. It's not funny to be infatuated with someone who doesn't feel the same for me)

Anyway we have gone parallel - that is, we wouldn't contact each other anymore.
We have had each other's numbers removed from each other's phone list.
He did it first.

How painful.

It bothered me for quite some time.

No explanation you know??
He just removed it liddat.
(k la it's abit weird for him to say,
'wei I have removed your number')
I didn't know until I have accidentally sent him blank message (accidentally? Will explain later) and got this reply:
'what do you mean?
and who are you?'

*me staring at phone screen, dramatically stunned*
Cue Alicia Keys and John Mayer's Lesson Learned:
'He broke... a heart...
And now it's raining...'

*me still staring at phone,
tears started rolling down*


I am not that sentimental.
That, for me, is too cheesy and mushy.

Well I am not quite sure of what had happened,
but according to him,
he 'does not want me to misunderstand'.

Need to delete number or not oh????

Quoting him, he is someone who 'doesn't care about consequences'.
(yea not only he doesn't care about consequences,
he doesn't care about other's feelings too,
perhaps he's just too busy to care for his own's)
Free-spirited konon.
So, it is normal for him to do so.

As for me,
thinking that the number itself is harmless,
I kept it.
But there are few times which I accidentally sent him blank messages and gave him blank calls just because I did not lock the keypad of my phone.
His name is the first on the list so he is often victimised.
Jeeez I am too mature for those childish and pointless acts la.
I don't want him to think that I am a perv who sent out blank messages and gave blank calls hence to make life easier,
I removed his number, as what he did.

Perhaps I would need someone else to replace him.
Meanwhile, just let him stay there la.
It's harmless anyway.

Let's go back to the tumbler.
I need a solution to reduce the frequency of him striking my mind.
Since Leehom's face reminds me of him,
I did something to the tumbler, that is -
No more Leehom's face.
A small turn that make big changes =)

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