Saturday, February 20, 2010

That makes us a family

By that, I mean vanity.
I have 'face problem' according to my family members. Hence I'm not showing my face.
(the fact is that I have put on some weight thus I have double chin [which resembles prosperity and happiness. Happy CNY~] which makes me look ugly in the pictures)

And my sister can be really photogenic.
(Chung Shang Leng if you see this you pretend that you did not okay?)

Holy mama how can a candid shot be so artistic?

Taken by papa
I want a speedlite....

Anyway. Taking pictures is not our only pastime in the kampung.
During this trip, I learnt something new - the skipping stone~

Mine could repeatedly bounced for a maximum of 4 times.
Don't laugh. That was my first time of throwing the stones anyway.
I'm pretty proud of myself alright?

This was how my sister reacted when her stone was able to bounce off across the lake for... twice~

And last but not least, the sepia series.
I have been pronouncing sepia as 'sepia' (bahasa baku) for years until my dad told me that it should be pronounced as 'se-fai-ah'.
Anyway, people thought that I purposely pronounce it as so so they never bothered to correct me.I think the result would be much better if I have a speedlite.
What to do...? I cannot afford one now =(

See, I would be very emotional if I write this post alone.
I learnt the lesson. I hate being emotional.
Hence, I'm writing it now with their companion~ =D
(he is watching knowing. while he is reading comic online. she is facebooking.
we communicate by msn even if we are next to each other.
bunch of weirdos)

They will be going back to KK on this Sunday anyway.
And I will be left alone again.

Well, maybe not.
I still have Greenie the iguana which often pees on me when resting on my shoulder.

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