Friday, February 5, 2010

*nods head*

Just received a forwarded mail from my dad's colleague.

I usually do not repost or reforward mails but I find this suits my mood to bits.

What is hard to break?


If you break the H,
you still have A BIT.

If you break the H and A,
you still have BIT.

If you break the H, A and B,
you still have IT.

After you break the T in IT,
you still have 'I'...

The person,
in the end of the day,
is the root of all problems.

SML lor.
(that stands for suck my life.
I'm trying to cut down on vulgarities)

Don't tell me that I have form a habit of thinking of him?
*punch self. slap self way too light for a punishment*


dreamydolls said...

lolx... i tot SML is small medium and large.. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

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