Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Year's Resolution!!!

Who said a resolution can't be made during Chinese New Year??
Yeap, when everyone is writing about CNY and the V's day,
I opted for this thing which have long written by the others.

2 months later than the others,
no wonder I'm slow in everything.

(Fact: I was too lazy to make it during new year)

It's almost the same as last year's though (I think. I don't have good memory)

I will really stick to them I swear. (I always contradict myself though)

1. Less cyber loitering
2. Lose weight (Cook less. Bake less. Eat less)

Update: (may have more updates)
3. Less vulgarities (whether in verbal form or in written form)

(shall I put start studying in?)
No. I will study anyway.
It shan't be made a resolution.

I think that's all.

Man I'm so ambitious.
Chung Shang Hui make sure you keep it

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