Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nice meeting up with you guys~

Eh... It's not a conventional saying.

I do mean that.

At least I had them to be acquainted with me when I was sad.
(just a coincidence I know...
but let me be vain alright?)

By them, I mean April's Twitter friends.
(currently mine too~ Yay + many friends) <--despo So my friend Jonathan informed me that Boys Like Girls and Khalil Fong would be performing in the Nokia X6 Launch Party.
Since the entrance is free, and I had got nothing better to do, I decided to drag April along.

Coincidentally, April's twitter friends would be going too.
Good. The more the merrier.

I wouldn't talk much about the party - since really, there were nothing much to talk about.
We reached there at about 8pm, 10 minutes before the party started.

exaggerated pose. As usual.

We heard that the place was terribly packed and according to my friend, it was pretty much like a battlefield.
So anyway, we escaped the war, and walked into the stadium nonchalantly.

It was not a boring night, but nothing really exciting happened.
Xiang Xi (he's my brother btw) and Bryan the piggy-back slave

Oh yea, towards the end of the party, some Malay boys made a circle, and started to push each others.
I used to be pushed into this kind of circle during a concert in Sunway Lagoon - tragic.

Anyway. That night was not really an important one.
So.. the end.
From left: Bryan, CK, April, XX, aku

Oh yea. Thank you Bryan for your promised lollipop.
i won't ask you to go die anymore.

(I'm bad in ending a post)

Oh. It's not the end yet.
The second night.

So Amelia, Bebee and Bryan were manage to win some passes for the access of Mist Club's VIP area.

Initially, I did not want to go.
There were actually not enough passes for all of us.
(And mind you, I am considered as the extras - I joined in the group after they have done with the distribution of the passes)

I know they were trying very hard to win the extra pass for me (thank you!) because they thought there were enough passes and had initially invited me to join them.
Plus, they realised that I am really fun to be with (let me be vain okay?) on the previous party.
Sadly, in the end, they did not manage to get it.

I did not want to put them into such a hard time - so I decided to pull out.
Haiya, they have no obligation to bring me along okay?
Why makes life so difficult???
It's just another party anyway...

Something happened.
(which is not worth mentioning at all. It is childish to be unhappy over this incident)

I was upset - even Green Tea Frappucino tasted terrible at that moment.
I did not feel like going home anymore.
I needed companions, I needed to dance and worse, I felt that I needed alcohol.
I am not an alcoholic per se - I can't even drink.

But you see - allow me to say it again - there are not enough passes for everyone!

in the end,
Eklern brought in the VIP wristband - without sticking it around his wrist,
and asked Wilson to bring it out again for me.
It was all Bebee's idea.
Thank you guys.
I was such a trouble-maker I know.
from left: aku, Amelia, Bryan, April, Donno, Bebee, Eklern, CK
(bebee's bf Wilson was holding the camera)

I managed to have companions.
*stolen from flyfm blog*
From left: Nicole, April, Amelia, Bebee, Aku

I managed to dance.

I managed to intoxicate myself.

I thought I could sleep better after that.

Hell no.

In CK's car, I could feel the world spinning already.
I had to lie on April's lap because whenever I laid my sight on the windscreen, I felt like vomiting.
(and there was when I dropped your IC April....)

You see, both me and April were partially drunk.
Bryan and CK could just easily take sexual advantage on us but thankfully, these two gentlemen did not do so.
Mind you, it was the second meet up with them.

I maybe a turn-off for them la because yea, I am fat but April worrrr.... she is so irresistible and yet the guys did what they ought to do - to send us home.

Good guys.


When I was home,
I still managed to talk and walk.
Xiang Xi was there waiting for me (yea right - he was gaming at the same time),
and I even told him that I wanted to vomit and asked him to lock the gates.

I went into my room, turned on the light and somehow, I felt strange.
It was brighter than usual - it didn't look like my room.
Anyway I didn't enter the wrong room - it memang IS my room.
I didn't get into the fridge or whatsoever as the lame joke suggested.

Then, the first thing I looked for was the toilet bowl.
(thank you Dad for the personal toilet so that grandma wouldn't know that I vomited)
There is a sink in the toilet - but I have no idea why I prefer vomiting into the bowl.

Lesson of the day - clean the toilet bowl regularly (which I do!) - you wouldn't know when you will have to face it (which I do... too)

I didn't like the nauseation - hence I dug my throat.
Yeap. I then thrown up - as expected.

I still able to remove my make up, wash my face, brush my teeth and shower before throwing myself onto the bed.
I even texted my brother - just to remind him to lock the gates.

On and off, I felt nauseous again and had to drag myself to the toilet bowl again and dug my throat again and threw up again.

4 times - for merely 4 glasses of vodka lime and a glass of whisky cola.
Such a lousy drinker.
I think it's the mixture that causes the problem.
I would not have been that terribly drunk if I didn't take the whisky cola.
They were run out of Vodka so we were served whisky instead.

Okay. Back to myself.
Contrary to my own belief, I did not manage to sleep well.
My heard beat rapidly, each ending with very hard 'thump'.
I then started to cry for no reason - it was not something I could control though.

My mind wandered down to the memory lane - all my drinking experience were projected.

My ex took very good care of me during my first time of getting drunk - he did not even take any sexual advantage of me leh because he knew that if I were sober, I would not have consented to it.. Respect paid. Good guy. Mind you, we were 18 by then - perfectly legal to have sex. Maybe he was too tired after taking care the intoxicated me.

There was once, my dad waited for me outside the club after erm.. I couldn't remember how many calls I have missed. While we were on our way home, I stopped by the road 3 times and vomited. I even scratched my car while entering.

Last year, I went backpacking (to Johor... funny or not?) and stayed at a pair of young couple's home. They are someone whom I have never met before but nevertheless treated me like their own sister. So their French neighbour treated us dinner at a local French restaurant. I drank some red wine - and drunk. The young couple were so kind that they gave me a pill to release the effect caused by the alcohols.
Yes, come to think of it, it was really dangerous.
What if it wasn't that kind of pill as they have claimed it to be?

I was such a lucky idiot.
It's good to be taken care of when you are drunk.

While wandering.. I fell asleep.. for 3 hours.
I even went jogging in the next morning - terror leh.
Sunday jog is my weekly routine which shall not be missed ~

I am truly blessed. What else do I want to ask for??

Credits to Amelialing and Nicolecheang for the pictures.
For more pictures, click here.
Crazy pictures are not to be posted here because my students are following my blog (you know who you are... -.-)


Bryan Hoo said...

wah. why your comment here so many spam one?
Anyway, i got 5 points to speak off after reading your so long post. haha

1st, i want to said is: WHY PUT MY UGLY PHOTO JEK?!!!!!

2nd, We not the 2nd time meet lo. 3rd time right?

3rd, Me and CK of coz is good guy leh, what do u think?! ntg to do with leng lui or not leng lui okay?! hahaha

4th, you are not the troublemaker la. We won't have fun without you too!

5th, Let's gathering again! no more saying lampost okay?! ish ish

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