Monday, February 8, 2010

Life can be simple, yet good

It all depends on how you see it.

I was waken by Greenie - nay he doesn't cock nor meow nor bark - it just walked around the leaves - leaving the shee-shee-sha-sha sound.

I then stared at the ceiling, and thought: hey... things have finally come to an end.

Really, never had I feel so relief before.
(just a figure of speech.
I felt much relief upon the ending of my exam)

All of the sudden, the surroundings have become so beautiful.

I didn't know drinking warm 3-in-1 Spirulina oat can be so satisfying for breaking the fast.

I didn't know the combination between my fake music notes and the view from my window can be so harmonically matched.

I didn't know reading some bimbo magazines on my bed early in the morning can be so relaxing.

I didn't know flipping through my organiser and reading the little secrets from it can be so heartwarming.
(yes if you able to steal my organiser you will get to know most of my secrets.)

Seriously, life is good - if you think that it is.

Good day ahead =)

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