Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just to neutralise my tainted image...

A lot of people have put forward a question after browsing through the pictures taken at Mist:

You stripped a guy??

Or some of them made it a statement:

You stripped a guy.

Yes people, it is evidential.
Need to ask more? Unless I made some statement like... it looked like me it sounded like me but it wasn't me.

Nevermind if you didn't get the joke.

Well, I did not start it.
I merely abetted.

Anyway, in order to neutralise my tainted image,
I have decided to bake.

*is that even relevant?
a bad girl does bake right?*

Alright that is not the main reason of baking.
I had extracted a failproof recipe from Len Ngar my 30-step-neighbour and I wanted to try it on.
Plus, CNY is around the corner,
I wanted to do something for my employers because they have been treating me very well.

Another reason is that I have got nothing better to do at home.
I went to the college this morning, and been informed that the lecturer was sick and thus class canceled,
I didn't feel like shopping hence I went home.
When I have nothing to do,
my mind would start to wander.
Then I would conveniently think of him.


So I brilliantly tried to replace him with measurements and ingredients -
and tried to replace the smell of his fragrance which had been lingering in my mind with the smell of butter and chocolate.
It worked.. during the whole process of baking.

Anyway. The sweeties tasted good - the cookies itself are light and fluffy, while I used macadamia nuts instead of the conventional almonds - which rendered the whole cookies not too hard - more suitable for the elders.
Naked. Still good though.

The coat is beautiful too~ I did not have heavy cream in hand hence I substituted it with evaporated milk - it turned out to be okay, not too runny, but slightly sticky than usual.
Eh can you see me from the gloss?

A recipe which definitely to be kept. Thank you Lea Ngar!

If you care to try it:

London cookies

250g butter (I used Golden Churn woohoo~~~)
130g icing sugar (I blended the coarse sugar anyway)
450g cookies flour
2 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla essence (didn't bother to measure)
Toasted whole shelled almonds (I used macadamia nuts)
Toasted nibbed almonds (I blended macadamia nuts)
Cooking Chocolate (I shall try white chocolate next time)

The recipe didn't call for heavy cream to liquify the ganache but it was difficult to coat the cookies with pure cooking chocolate.

1) Cream butter + sugar
2) Add in vanilla Essence + Egg yolks - Cream (1 min)
3) Add flour - mix
4) Take piece of nuts - cover with some dough - into oval shape
5) Bake at 180C - Till light brown
(I forgotten to take down the time - I baked for 18 minutes)
6) Coat cookies with melted chocolate
7) Place chocolate coated cookies into paper cup - topped with nibbed nuts

Yea I took it down in point form.

Now I have done with my baking.
Did it convince you that I am not a bad girl?

p/s: I am not a self-declared bad girl.
I have never thought that I am bad nor have I thought that I am wild.
There was once a close friend of mine asked me to change my image, so that I could attract different classes of men (read: good men. Better men) .
A net friend of mine even told me to be involved in more charities, instead of partying and hanging out.

Trust me. I am not wild at all.

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