Sunday, February 24, 2008

A letter to my neighbour

Dear neighbour,

Hi there. Please forgive me for my unexpected approach. I would rather keep my identity confidential because I wouldn't want to cause any unhapiness between us - though you have not greeted me since you moved into this neighbourhood.

I know you really love your car. I appreciate that you have a very adventurous hobby. However, your car really is creating some unwanted noise to me. I would have spring out of my house and step at your cute little car but for my grandma blocked me from doing so.

Since it is a remote-controlled car, I have this very brilliant suggestion: bring this small little car to somewhere further - like the basketball court or the park nearby. I would appreciate it if you really do so. It wouldn't be any hard task for you since you have your Rav4 which is always prepared to transport you to anywhere.

I really enjoy some peace of mind when my aunty is willing to rest the tv in peace for a while when she is having nap.

Thank you. I really prefer enjoy my meal without any disturbance. Thank you for your co-operation.

your loveliest neighbour in the neighbourhood


Dan-yel said...

What the..?! At first I was imagining a real car, only till I read the passage where you said you wanna step on it then I thought "how the hell she thinks stepping on a car would do enough harm? might at least batter it with a baseball bat or sth".

Remote control car? (how is that going to create noise?)..... Beee beee beee....(imitating a small remote controlled car noise) OH well, must be a very advanced one huh?

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

I think he bought that kind of few hundred bucks car...

yea.. it really created those 'vroooooooom............. vroooooooooooomm.................' sound.....

aLiya said...

i din know toys can be so annoying...
vrooooooooooooom really sounds like a very high tech toy

*~leAjoo~* said...

hey gal..
forgive samuel....he is jus a kid
i know its noisy, and it almost killing me for the first few days...u know, i purposely walk out on the 1st day just to see, what happen...because the sound is really...aiks...i dunno how 2 describe it...
jus wait for the day...he grew up, or the day, he dun like the car anymore...well, i cant foresee the day :P