Thursday, June 25, 2009

Muar is.. mmm...

If you think that Muar is a boring place to be,
think again.
Alright, you are right,
Muar, indeed, IS really a boring place.

I spent 3 days in Muar, and I enjoyed the whole trip to bits.
It was the companion that matters.=)

we should also thank our very animated host who also took up the role as a photographer, chaffeur, companions, tour guide and friend.

So we started off with chicken rice.
Seriously, there is nothing special about the chicken rice.
(hence no pic for it)

Selepas itu, we went to the temple.(terence said that we could tell others by saying that the pic was taken in Thai. Duh.)

We then headed off to Gunung Ledang~

We made it to the peak -
Terence claimed that there would be less visitors, and the water would be cleaner.
Ain't easy, but worth it~

Then we had heavy dinner - really heavy.
Oh jian.
Chao Kuey Diao.
Fish Head Beehoon.Kuey diao on otak-otak leaf.

Hmm... that's more like a food trip.
Didn't take much of pictures because the food ain't special too.

Night ain't boring too - who would feel boring with a handsome Golden Retriever as companion?

End of day 1


terence said...

hahaa , you so pilih kasih loh , play with buddy , but no play with me , eheh , haah u buddy got leave a scratch on u face , hehehey ,

terence said...
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terence said...

haha , so boring meh muar , even i stay so long liao , but for me muar still beautiful . hahah

terence said...

i like the first photo u take with april 1, so natural smile , ahhaa