Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy birthday, wherever you are


I received a message from my lil' bro:

'You know whose birthday izzit today? Reply me when you are free.'

Such a weird question...
I was thinking perhaps he knew that it was someone's birthday, but he couldn't recall whose.
Or... he was just being very kind, trying to remind me of an important someone's birthday.

Not dad, not mom, not sis, not bro, not grandma, not grandpa, not me, not you, not ex, not crush... whose la....

Thus I replied:
'I'm very free now. But I donno whose birthday is that. I know today spm release la. Go check on the internet la if you wanna know whose birthday is that.'
[bear with that pathetically terrible command of language. Yea that's how we communicate]

Then he replied:
'Today is hamsters' birthday. But I donno which hamsters la...'


Since when I have become so careless?
I witnessed the delivery, for the very first time, and yet, I totally forgotten about it.
And my brother, who was 300kms away when the hammie mommie gave birth, taken the birthdate down when I told him about it...

Sigh.. anyway, most of the hammies had been given away...

Wherever you are... happy birthday... T.T

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