Friday, March 20, 2009


refer to the previous posts to get an idea of what is going on. Start from the post 'bad.mad.sad.'

Trying to think what others would have done if they were me.
And trying to think from other perspectives.


There are two kinds of him I could think of.
1. Bad
Supid. She really thought that I will return the money?
What can she do if I don't?
Find someone to beat me up??? That nerd... Wakaka. She doesn't even know the source!!
*turns to his current girlfriend* come baybee, we don't really need to bother much about that psycho.
Just let her call la. She can't really do anything.
Luckily I'm not with her anymore. Such a childish psycho.
Baybee you are so different with her. I'm glad that you don't control me as how she did.

2. Good
I really want to return the money la.
It's really not nice to bear the debt but then.. I really can't.
It's useless even if she forces me because I really DON'T HAVE IT.
*Sigh* what can I do?
*sigh sigh sigh*

His girlfriend
(I don't know what kind of girl she is. So just think it from a reasonable girl's standard la)
*to my ex when I kept on calling*
how come your ex so psycho one?
You already said that you are not convenient to talk to her lork, how come she still keep on calling one?
If I were her, knowing that my ex is with his current girlfriend, I wouldn't call like that lor.
Luckily I'm mature enough to understand.
Tsk tsk tsk even when I was 22 I wouldn't have done something she is doing now.
Can't imagine how you dealt with such a psycho for 3 years?
Nevermind baybee, you are with me now. ^^

=.= okay. That wasn't what a reasonable girl would think. That was a thought of another psycho. Since my psycho mode is switched on, I couldn't really think from a reasonable girl's perspective leh. I think that she is probably a very cool girl who didn't really bother much when I called because according to him, he is allowed to do anything with someone else as long as not having sex.

Third party
I'm sure that she still have feeling for him. I'm sure that it's not just about money matter. She wouldn't have come up with so many things if she didn't. She is just feeling jealous for his own relationship. The idea that he has a girlfriend before she has a boyfriend is driving her insane because she dumped her!!! Tsk tsk tsk this kind of girl really... I don't know how to describe la.

Awww... Pity girl. How can a guy treat a girl like that? Eh bastard faster clear her debt la. It's quite impossible that you can have a relationship on without spending money lor. Further you guys are going to the clubs leh. Clubs. Admission fees. Drinks. Everything also cost you a fortune. If you have the money pay her first la....

Tsk tsk tsk just another who is full of rants. It's only 1.2k anyway. Why bother so much?

All of those thoughts are very psychotic. Haiyah it's not reasonable at all. I'm getting crazy now lalalalalalala.

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