Saturday, February 7, 2009


Just to let you know, I'm not dead yet.

Dearest blog, sorry for abandoning you for such a long time.

It's been so long since I browsed some personal blog (and update my blog).

I have been so busily browsing food blogs.
Like Bakerella. (she's really creative. I wish I were her niece)
and Cake Journal.
Not forgetting evergreen and all-encompassing (literally)
and much much much more.

As the consequence, I've put on few more extra pounds.. (again.)
*resolution broken on the 2nd month of the year. Mending it now*

Anyway, speaking about food, I have some kids' talk to share with you guys.

So I was baking some heart-shaped cut-out cookies when my 7 year-old cousin came over.
He saw some alphabet cookies cutters and insisted me to cut some Ds for him.
(his name is David, btw)
I cut one, but he wasn't quite satisfied with it.
He wanted a whole tray of Ds instead.

So I asked him,
'there's no D in my name, why should I cut Ds?'

And his reply, a brilliant one,
'There's no 'love' (by that he meant those heart-shaped cookies) in your name,
why did you make them?'

Fine... I am speechless.

Since I don't need more Ds and I don't want to make more of it,
(and abit of being annoyed...)
I told him I wanted to study and I would bake it later.

I then grabbed my file and went out to the living room, and joined the rest for a tv show.

David then sit beside me and whispered to me,
I thought you said you want to study?

I, still holding the file in my hand, is now officially speechless.
Get slapped by a kid, shameful or not?


Oh ya, on a side note... a sad sad sad sad case,
something I don't wish to announce but I have to..
Gugu is dead.
During CNY.
I guess I just don't mean to raise any pets.
Will write a post on how many pitiful animals were killed in my hands...


1 comment:

april said...

wht did u do to ur 'gugu' ??

eh, how old is ur niece?? if i were you..i think my palm already landed on his face couple times~ ...muahahaha...!! u should tell him, love is invisible general lo (umum) but D jau diff leh, only naughty boy got the letter D...for example...YOU LO!! while pinchin his face hard hard and smile like evil-aunty