Monday, February 23, 2009

Post-Valentine's day

I guess after days of writing about this, I shall bring it to an end now.
Guess what?
~Mission Accomplished~

So I had prepared 3 sets of cookies + cards, intended to give them to 3 of the most precious people (besdes my family of course.) in my life.

The first one being Ying Huey.
You know what, she's the one staying nearest to my place.
I don't feel appropriate to waste 5 bucks to send the item via poslaju to her, so I was thinking of being my own postman, since I often pass by her place, and it's only 5 minutes of driving distance and 10 minutes of walking distance to her place. I would have reached her place by the time I finished a medley.
Being the usual lazy me + I was driven by all sorts of excuses... The cookies are still in my fridge.
Sad case huh?
Ying Huey, trust me, I WILL send you those cookies.

Alright next.
Mei Yi!!
I sent the items all the way to Kedah!! some 500km away from my place? As far as I'm concerned it's not that far. 300km? Could be. Let's assume that it's 300km. The most wonderful thing is that it only cost me 5 bucks. 5 bucks for 300kms in just 3 days!! Lalalalalala uber happy can?


So I made the most accurate calculation and arranged the cookies nicely accordingly like this.[yea I am very stingy. The box looks very familiar yea?
Yes that's the famous amos heart-shaped box.
See I am so environmentally friendly that you guys should learn from me. Nyahaha]

You know how it looked like when it reached her place?

This. duh.

Abit disappointed lor. But hey, stupid me should have anticipated it as I didn't take any steps to prevent them from moving away from their arrangement.
It would be a miracle if it arrived in the way as how it was sent.

(I have half a dozen of her pictures posing with the box but I haven't had her permission to post the picture yet. So... Yea..)

Alright, 3rd one... QQ!
You know it's the first time I sent out something overseas and I attempted EMS courier service but when the staff weigh the item... I was shocked. Literally. I thought it would be some 30 or 40 bucks and I told myself if it hits 40 bucks I wouldn't go for it, I would opt for normal courier service instead.
Guess what?


Freaking 90 bucks to send out something which costs less than 9 bucks (I guess)? No... I love my friend but.. nonono our friendship isn't measured in that way. The staff saw my shocking expression (cause I literally went like 'wah!!') and suggested registered post, which only required some a payment of 10 bucks, and which I had chosen, and which was very reliable because my baybee arrived on the 6th day I sent it out~!!This... actually worse. All those hearts have fallen off.

Doesn't matter. As long as she's happy.
I guess she is though.

QQ and Henry. They are so cute okay? I always want to know how would their baybees like... ^^

Anyway. Mission accomplished. Yea. That was my Valentine's day.
Single also can be very happy on Valentine's day k?

Phew. End of the Valentine's day series.

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