Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lulala Lulala Lula Lula Lay

Made with love,

Okayla, actually not.
Just made with some leftover cookies + some leftover cream cheese buttercream + some leftover white chocolate + some left over dark chocolate + some nescafe.

Although it's a mixture of leftover stuff, but try imagine this.
You sink your teeth into it,
on the first layer, the half-melted chocolate with a hint of bitterness, just abit, not too much,
and you go on to the second layer, bitterness reduced, and oh.. the coffee aroma,
who knows that's the combination of melting white chocolate and nescafe beans?
Nonono that's not all.
And then, bitterness gone, you start to feel a tinge of sweetness, fairlady-white chocolaty sweetness, heavenly sweetness.. ooo lala..
When you thought that that's the ending, no! hold!
Now.. the essence of the truffle, oooo... some finely-crushed sugar cookies combined with melted cream cheese buttercream... ah....

bitterness sweetness and some cheesiness.. wooo..

Alright. That was just for illustration purpose.
Basically you won't be able to have this feeling. Every layer is just too thin.
What you will do is just eat it as a whole, hence you will have those bitterness sweetness coffeeness cheesiness at once. Not by layers.


The ironic thing being... I didn't eat it and I wouldn't eat it because I couldn't eat it.
I have to fit into a cheongsam on this Saturday night.
Sunday morning. Wait for me baybee. Wakaka.

Haha too obsessed with it.

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