Saturday, February 14, 2009

Counting down to Valentine's day III

Yea, 9 days after it, I'm still writing about this St Valentine's day.
Fear no, the date can be varied ma...

Nah... this was something I did for Valentine's day~~Not bad la... Tell me it's not bad la..
It's the first time I did fondant and royal icing k..
And it's the first time I did those decoration k..
Tell me hmmm this Shang Hui really talented how come I never know one har?
=_= bear with my perasanness. Need to boost up some self-esteem. It's been very low since the Valentine's night.

But... That wasn't the first time I baked sugar cookies.
For my first time... sigh.. The texture of the cookies was like dog biscuit. Super hard can? Not that I have tasted dog biscuits before, I'm making the assumption that dog biscuits are hard on the basis that the dogs make the 'krok krok krok' sound everytime they eat those stone biscuits. Anyway, the taste wasn't too bad.

This time, the texture was quite soft, but it was too sweet. I'm not sure if our sugar is too sweet if compared to those western one or they have a really sweet tooth, I always follow the recipes to the tee (not only these cookies lor) but they always ended up way too sweet.
When I complaint that it's sweet, it's really sweet.


My tools. Thanks to Nora's colorful heart-shaped sugar hearts. Otherwise my cookies would just be some boring white hearts. Dull.
So far so good yea? No problem spotted hor?
Now I zoom out more to let you guys see the problem...

Yes I was decorating on the sofa. I wanna watch tv while decorate afterall. Multitasking muahaha.
Can see the circled things or not?
Come, let's zoom in, and I will let you know what were those things.
Nah. Isn't it clearer now?
Come la I zoom in more to let you guys see what the heck that was.

Some really cute colorful thousands and hundreds..
Super cute right?
And I'm very proud spilling them off right?

Let me tell you a story.
So I was decorating in full concentration, with the cookies tray on my lap,
and while I was putting the blue heart on the cookies, I felt an ant-bite on my thigh and my thigh reflected with a super slight move and the whole cookies tray tripped over and...

those thousands and hundreds rolled out from the bottle.. and onto the sofa they went..
yay.. way to go..
freedom is what they are asking for. There they go.
oh you know what. They might have been planning this for very long already, you know how Nemo and gang plan to escape, yea, these thousands and hundreds are planning the same thing.
They have discussed with the ant so that the ant bite my thigh and so that my thigh reflected with that super slight move and so that the whole cookies tray tripped over and so that they could rolled out of their bottle. Yes, this probably would be the case.


I hate cleaning up you know...
Especially when it comes to these... thousands and hundreds... Literally.
How to pick up all of them?? one by one?

*just when you think that I'm stupid...*

Nevermind!! No fear!!
Because my dad just bought me...a.. vacumm cleaner.

For the purpose of vacumming the seats of the car because the lazy me had never vacummed my car ever since my grandpa left it to me, which could trace back to year 2003. And it was the first and the last time I vacummed the seats because my dad wanted to sell it in a satisfactory condition to my relative. There you go my Wira. Literally.


Hooiyoh~~Yea... =.=|||

And so... after cleaning, I continued with my work.
But... few minutes later, another ant bit me again and...
Haiz. I guess I am the clumsiest girl in the world.

[no, the truth is, after seeing the successful escaping incidents of the thousands and hundreds, the hearts gone very envy and thus they discussed with the ant and asked the ant to bite my thigh so that my thigh reflected with that super slight move and so that the whole cookies tray tripped over and so that the hearts could fall out of their bottle and voila! freedom.]

Congratulations, hearts and thousands and hundreds. You guys ended up in the dust bag of the vacumm cleaner. Hearts, thousands and hundreds, meet dust and hair; dust and hair, meet hearts and thousands and hundreds.

p/s: I hate to call those colorful tiny beads thousands and hundreds but folks, that's their name.

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