Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

In this post I shall sum up what I did for Valentine's day.

So you see, I have so used to do something for someone to make that particular someone happy on the Valentine's day because I had been doing something for the last 3 years hence I did something on this Valentine's day. Something I had never done before.Plus something I have always been doing.
In the next post I will let you guys know who would be the recipients(plural plural wakaka) of all these because I'm still waiting for something.

Oh yea mentioning Valentine's day, I had the crappiest Valentine's day in year 2008. I hope my future Valentine's wouldn't be crappier than it as it was really crappy enough. I'm not that strong to bear another crappy Valentine's day.
[p/s: being single is not crappy]

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