Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something which put a smile on my face

Remember my cream cheese buttercream sugar cookies coated with white chocolate, mocha and bittersweet chocolate? (phew that's very mouthful)
Just scroll down a lil' if you have no idea what is that. It's on the last post.
So to prevent myself from eating it (super high cals k??), I gave them to someone special.


My student.Kinda like force him to pose with my cookies (I didn't tell him I baked it though wakaka).
Andrea is my youngest student.
I'm not giving the cookies to the old one because my cookies are damn ugly and those more matured one normally judge the cookies by its looks and therefore think that my cookies are not yummy.

Aiyerrr wondering what makes the cookies so delicious right?? wakaka.
Man how come I'm so perasan one?

Andrea choosing for the second one.
What's the indication? He loves it?? nyahaha.
Haiyah basically they have the same ugliness.
Yea I"m using Famous Amos cookies box again.

Oh yea there's more. Paris (sadly, she has the same name with that whore tsk tsk tsk) the princessy sweetie who always bring along her softies, and forces me to babysit her cat and dog while playing the piano.Dog.

And meow who was sitting together with the dog on my lap while her mommy was playing piano.

How can I not love my job??

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