Friday, February 13, 2009

CNY cookies overdosed

You might be thinking,
'Hell.. this girl is gonna talk about that extra few pounds again..'


Pictures are self-explanatory,
scroll down~You know, the day before yesterday, I was cleaning my room and saw the eyedrops specialised for this kind of infections.
I bought it for 16 bucks about a month ago to cure the same problem.
I was thinking, haiyah, damn wasted la. Just used once.
Literally once, because it is very effective and upon that one time of usage, the swell gone.

Then you know what, God really reads my mind,
He gave me the same problem again so that I can use my eyedrops again and thus, it isn't wasted.

And.. Yay? The eyedrops isn't wasted?

see la.. eaten too much of cookies.. that's why..

And that's not all...
The other consequence~

wakaka very proud cause it's been so long since the last time I had nose bleed.

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