Monday, September 15, 2008

T.T 3kgs T.T

Yea. A post about my weight.
Hence guys, you need not to go on reading.


My weight has increased. T.T - T.T - T.T
By 3 kgs. T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T
From 4x to 5x. T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T
In one week. T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T - T.T

My friends who have not seen me for a week will be so surprised when they see me.
I guess they will go like...
Ohmigod? You are Shang? How come you are so...
And they won't continue on, because they don't want to hurt me by continuing saying 'fat now?'


Nola. That won't really happen.
Whenever I complain to my friends that I'm fat (I don't usually say this. Will only say it when they want me to try on some free-sized shirts) , they will give me some irritated expression and say things like..
Are you kidding me?

I beg your pardon?
Excuse me?

... to express their disagreement.
(In the end I really can't squeeze myself into those shirts. Wakaka. See.)

And one of my friend said, 'you are freaking thin lor!'
He used the word 'freaking'.

I just don't get it.

Well, I am wearing size L. L! Large!(and going to XL now)
What's wrong with me saying that I'm fat?


The tremendous change on me could due to:
1. My obsession for mooncakes. And cheese tarts. And egg tarts. (learning baking from grandma. Yep.)
2. My craze for microwaved cheesy egg in the middle of the night. Say like.. 2am?
3. I'm single now. No one is sharing my food. Hence I'm eating bigger portion of meal now. (haiya. Don't wanna waste food. Imma good girl.)
4. I'm too lazy to work out. Has been too geeky recently. Books, laptop, piano are my closest friends. Sit sit sit sit and more sitting.
(serve me right. T.T)


From today on, I will gonna start on some diet plan.
Cut down sweet stuff.
No more supper.
Work.. out.
(lazy la.)

And don't be surprised by the much much much much rounder me when you see me next time. -.-

Okay end of bimbotic post.
Guys would never understand why girls are so concern about their weight.

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