Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Imma lazy fat girl

My steps are so light today~!!!!
(erm... not physically light. Couldn't be physically light. I had eaten 2 scoops of ice cream, usual lunch, 2 mugs of oat, 1 cup of hot chocolate, 2 paus, 1/2 mooncake, a dumpling, a bowl of veggie today)

I had been humming and smiling throughout the day~! (until a frail old man who passed by me on the street asked me 'gam hou xiu meh?' - 'what so funny?' in canton. hmph. perv.)

I'm not sure why I was so happy.
It could be that I found a parking space which was very near to the entrance while I went to meet up with my trainer.
It could be that some of my students absent because they were having UPSR.
It could be that I didn't have to starve - I got to sneak out and buy 2 paus for my dinner because my student was absent~~ ^^
It could be that my life had been sailing so smooth.. erm except for some incidents which happened a couple of days ago. Haiyah I actually had written a very long post about it but.. really.. not gonna publish it.

Yea I know I felt grumpy this morning because I had got nothing to do!!
Anyway I felt much better after sleeping again~~ ^^
That's not the end of the day.

Something happened just now which left an imperfection for my happy mood. Yer.
Not really something serious - my car ran out of fuel *almost*.

The engine gone dead twice. Eh no. Thrice~!!
First time at MRR2.
Second time at Connaught - Kajang highway - fortunately I drove at the emergency lane.
Third time - Petrol station. Woohoo.

Freaking panic lor. Still cool enough to turn off the air-con and radio. (wakaka. brilliant. =.= yea yea yea. Common sense. I know) Had actually started to think of who to seek assistance from if it really ran dead. Mmm... Ying Huey's parents or Mei Yi's parents will do. Or perhaps just ran to the petrol station and buy it myself. Yealar I really don't like to trouble my friends.

And you know, when the engine gone dead, the brake and the power sterling wouldn't work at all.(haiyah I know you know, but I really didn't now. Yea now I know)
Damn dangerous. I almost hit a car while turning into the petrol station - yealar I was still driving it when the engine gone dead because I really don't think that was the appropriate spot to stop my car.

Haih. That was the consequence of being lazy. I didn't refill petrol because I didn't have cash + I was lazy. I didn't have cash because I was too lazy to withdraw it from the ATM machine. Haih haih haih. Really gotta stop being lazy.


aLiya said...


like that also can be lazy!!!!!

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...
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Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

*shoulder shrugs* typical Shang Hui~