Sunday, September 28, 2008

I seriously hate you guys

I am writing this post because am still waiting for my family.
Haiya dad said they will be backed by 12am and it's almost 1a.m. now.
This is a super duper boring post which you guys shouldn't read.
(erm.. by right, which post of mine ain't boring????)



I hate you guys.

I slept for a total of 8.5 hours these two days because of you guys. Aiks.

I've been so busy in attending meetings with you guys I have got no time to sleep at all.
Must put the blame on you guys.

Look at my schedule. It's awful...

25th September 2008 (Thursday)
Activity : Yum Cha
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : Ahmad Mahyideen
Member(s) : Mei Yi
Adjourned at 12am
(curfew la)

Meeting continued virtually.
Same member,
Adjourned at 3am

26th September 2008 (Friday)

Activity : Breakfast
Time : 10am
Venue : Old Town
Adjourned at 12pm

Meeting continued at Fitness First
Adjourned at 6pm

Meeting continued at night
Activity : Matchmake Mei Yi and Seah.
Chor Di
Time : 10pm
Venue : unknown mamak
Member(s): Mei Yi, Ying Huey, Seah, Jia Liang, Zhen Cheq, Hoo Keng, Goh, Toby
Adjourned at 12am
(too cold man... Really cold. Plus some of the members intended to da gei)

Meeting continued. Venue changed.
Activity : Continue matchmaking Mei Yi and Seah.
Time : 12am
Venue : Shang(me la)'s place
Member(s): Mei Yi, Ying Huey, Seah
Adjourned at 3am

The only meeting with pictures taken.Mei Yi, Ying Huey, Shang

This is Seah btw. Seah is a gentleman. He was the only guy who didn't go for gaming because he volunteered himself to send us back. Wakaka.
Oh that is me if you have not realised yet.
Have nothing to do with Seah. Just.. putting it upfor the sake of putting it up.
Haiyah hammie has covered my mouth. In both pictures.

27th September 2008 (Saturday)
Activity : Updating each others
Time : 10pm
Venue : MSN chatroom
Member(s) : Mei Yi, Ying Huey, QQ

Meeting is still on.

And it's 1.19a.m. now.

*update: meeting adjourned at 1.43a.m.*

Still have class tomorrow. eeeeeeeeeee......

How come dad mom zhiboy lenggirl are not backed yet?????

Yayyyyy!!!! They are *finally* backed~!!!!

~me signing off bye bye!!!!~


Orangie said...

why why??
why hate me??

Dan-yel said...

Seah Seah, you're really a gentleman. To Cheryl, Ahem ahem *hint* and *wink*

Johnny said...

looks like you're having fun

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[orangie] aiya aiya not enough sleep arrrr.....

[dan-yal] nop.. he's not the one...
he belongs to someone else anyway ^_~

[johnny] fun fun yea.. but.. not enough sleep mannn.....