Friday, September 12, 2008

QQ the cutie cutie

The first cutie is an adjective, while the second one is a noun =p

I wanted to write an emo post about how I miss you guys that I had a dream of 3 of you leaving me and me woke up, tearing. However, I don't think I want to cry again on our besties' 21st birthday~~
[still, the fact is, all of you have left me. =( ]
*wipe tears and resume to smiley face dramatically*

Anyway, it's your 21st birthday!!Truly wish *from the bottom of my heart* that you have a wonderful birthday~!!!

Yep. Happy birthday Qiao Qing~!!

Hey I tell you what, my original plan was to collect kisses from Ying Huey and Mei Yi, and send it over Aussie to you... But!! failed. =( Will let you know why we fail. A really funny discussion haha.

It has almost been 7 months since you left us, no fear~! 5 more months to go, and we will be reunited again~!!! Looking forward to that recelebration of our 21st birthday... Wakaka~

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