Friday, September 19, 2008

The greetings~!!

So 19 days after my birthday, 7 days after QQ's birthday, it is be Mei Yi's~
Wow. 3 virgos in a row.

At 12a.m. sharp, I called her, talked nonsense, which has nothing to do with her birthday.

And she got kinda irritated by it, hence started to send me messages in her offline mode.
Btw, I printed this after she went off. Don't bother the time.

And me being me, insisted not to wish her, talked about my crush instead,
who, according to her, may look like this:

I then went on to talk about mooncake festival.
And mooncake.
And my weight.

That 'fat mou' refer to her mooncakes.

And she started to be very pissed off with my behaviour.

I 'fat lan za' de la. She said on the phone.

OK loooor. Happy Birthday lorrrrr.
I said in return.

So difficult to please her.
You see I even sent her that partying emoticon leh.
But she insisted that she couldn't feel it.
And she opined that the emoticon looks like one who is making faces than one who is partying.

I told her, I would consider wishing her if she showed me how that emoticon did -
lie on the floor, shaking head, arms and legs at the same time.

That was when we started to think of viewing each other, despite the weak signal at her side.

It is really our day you see. Normally we couldn't be able to connect regardless of the countless attempts.

Today, we succeeded in our first attempt!!!!
And we were like.. sure cannot one lar.. haiyah.. those lines so lousy.. haiyah heeyah hee he haih haih doesn't matter la...
and all of the sudden we saw each other's face!! -unexpectedly~~~

Mei Yi threaten to take a picture of mine when she got to know that I was topless. muahaha.Hence me behind the pillow~
Lalala nothing to be seen.

My last minute work. Haiyah my eyeliner just gone like that (nvm. It's some cheap brand anyway. Nyahaha)
I purposely wrote it that way, thinking that it shall be alright when displayed in the webbie.=.= Shut up. I was still on the phone with her when I did this lor. I could have done better if I were to be given more time. (excuses -.-)
Stains left on the bed T.T. That's waterproof eyeliner btw....

But.. turn out to be.. Alright at my side, but terbalik at hers. Effort wasted sigh.

Wanted to do like those PETA famwhore but nay... cause thought of blog about it.

Finally grab something to wear. Her very elegant candid look. =.=
Us very happy on the phone. Because it's FREE~~
Mei Yi got to call me for FREE because it's her birthday~~ Lalala~~`
Fortunately she thought of that before my credit ran out.. =pToo bad. She will be having exam tomorrow. T.T
And her laptop was running out of battery. T.T
We couldn't really talk much. T.T T.T T.T

We ended the night by me singing birthday songs.
Btw, she was brushing her teeth while listening to my voice. Yea she called me in the toilet. What a remarkable place. -.-A night to remember.=)


Orangie said...

i like ur tis post very much~
so funny when thinking of the situation and our conversation at tat time~~
ya~ its rily a sweet and warmth memory for me~~
thanx to u my dear shang shang~~
hope to c u soon~

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

I wanna talk talk talk talk on the phone again..