Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why why why why treat me like that?

Couldn't sign in Msn just now. That messenger is really essential in my life you know. I am happy enough even if no one chats with me - but fortunately there is always someone who is as sien as I am wakaka.

But tonight I couldn't sign in~!! What's wrong with the messenger? How can how can?

But then~!!! No fear. My favourite man has backed~~!!!He's in my room now~!!! I have not seen him for.. like... 2 months?
(I mean my dad, btw)

Chatting with him wakaka...

[doubt arises: ceh. bluff la. chatting with him still can write, still can chat online meh?]
Alar, we don't chat face to face. He is lying on the floor while me sitting cross-legged, facing the laptop which is placed on the floor too . Grandma is here too, she is sitting by my bed, joining in the conversation. A very casual chat~~~ All of them are in my room. Can you feel the warmth?

We talked about dad's work, we discussed about how hot-tempered is my sister (wakaka), we gossiped about the relative who seek for financial assistance for his wife has just given birth to a baby boy. We talked about my birthday prezzies too~ aiyerr I love that one by my hot-tempered sis. Will talk about it one day~

*aiyerr grandma suggested that we should sleep now. sigh. Well it's 1am. It's late for them*

Tomorrow will be a day to be anticipated~ wakaka. Dad promised to bring me dim sum for breakfast and japanese cuisine for lunch~ food food food food food~~ haha well ya Imma despo because it's been almost 2 weeks since I last eaten dim sum. Wakaka.

Wait a minute.. Breakfast? Which means... I have to wake up early?

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