Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Short update of my day

Update. Finally. Related post click here.

Special thanks to YC a.k.a. Nata who had spent 2 hours to send me the 100++MB zipped folder and her bf who had taken those lovely pictures.

Date: 29th August 2008
Venue: Putrajaya
Event: MIFC Final

Let's start off with..

me~ =.=

And me again~
Putting this because I look slim here wakaka

Yay girls again~

Birthday girl n' birthday boy n' the melted cheesecake

Group pic. Photographer: Ah Yung

The girls again and that raspberry yogurt + milo powder

For you have forgotten my prezzie! -.-

Again, thank you, Ah Yong

I still love them. They are still my favourite guys~~

Happy belated birthday~ To me n Chin Hong. Wakaka.

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