Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Boring post ahead cause I'm in a super boring mood. Sieness to the max.
Do not read on if you do not wish to be influenced by my boredom.

Warning: I will be using very lan see type of language because I feel so boring now and lazy to use my brain to pick appropriate words.

11.30a.m. Haih. Usually I would still be sleeping. Or in class, if any.
Yea, this is why I can't find anything to do now. Hence, am here, typing this boring post.

Am leading a damn healthy lifestyle today.
Woke up at 8am, because promised 2 of my favourite guys to jog with them. One of them even played big 2 with me until 3am. Wakaka.
Really have to work it out man, been eating too many mooncakes. Imma good girl, sacrificing myself and helping family to clear off the mooncakes because they should not eat too many sweet stuff. Wakaka.
Anyway, back to the jogging. I went there 10 minutes later than them. Jogged alone for a while because friend didn't bring handphone along, hence couldn't contact them. Manage to meet them anyway.

After about an hour of jogging/strolling/walking, we decided to eat something. Went Old Town.
Sigh, no point jogging you see. Burnt calories, and then gain back later. Btw I could never resist ice-cream. Haih haih haih

Then decided to dota. 3 players, how to play? Then they said play against computer. =.= Fun meh? No one is gonna warn me before attacking me =.=. Wakaka. Anyway, it's better than doing nothing.

Anyway, plan cancelled due to lack of parking space. Yerrrr. Suppose to be dotaing now. Yerrrrrrr.

And that is why. I'm here. Sien sien sien sien sien. Another hour before meeting up with my trainer. 1 hour. Sigh. What can I do now?

Oh! Maybe I should sleep. Good morning.

p/s: For those who have the patience to read till the end, congrats. I have warned you that it would be a super boring post with super zabalang language ya?

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