Monday, September 22, 2008

I look slim only when..

I pose like this.

Who cares if it is over-exposed.
Wah look at my arms. Freaking skinny man~~ (for once. =.=)
I swear I didn't photoshop it.
Hooiseh I also never thought that I could be so slim you know. Hooiseh hooiseh. (-.- enough la)

(p/s: you have my approval to call that girl in the picture 'faker')

Nah another one.
Yea I know you have seen this in my birthday post. But I still wanna put this up (again, because I look slim).
Need more to support my point ma.
(walao. super vain.)

BTW I haven't manage to lose that 3kgs. How now cow brown? Haiyah haiyah... T.T

(shit. even me myself cannot stand my bimboness. *goosebumps*)

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