Friday, September 26, 2008

So... I'm a Virgo?

Yeap. Virgos are known as hygiene freak.
However, there are exceptions for every general rule.

After reading this post, no one would dare to marry me anymore.
I will be single for the rest of my life.
Haiyah that doesn't matter because I have set out an alternative plan if I didn't get to marry.

Anyway, that's not the point.
So, Raya term break is around the corner.
Hence, those staying at the east will be coming back~!!!
My dearest Leng girl, and Zhi Boy, oh also XX...
not forgetting.. my mom!!!

My mom...a typical mother.
She would just nag because of anything. Trust me.


Eventually, this is what would happen - to avoid getting nagged.

Come come, let's play a game:


Wow I've got nothing to say about this because I really got nothing to say about this~!!Ching~(seriosuly. no much differences on this.)

Wow I'm so hardworking I did all those notes. On the floor.Ching~
Wow I'm such a perfectionist and those are the bajus I have worn and took of and worn and took of (x5) before getting a set of outfits which suit me the most
And I'm so busy I have really got no time to put them back to the closet.Ching~
Wow I'm a brilliant bimbo and this is such an easy way to pick a right bag to match with my outfit~!!!Ching~
Well. Ain't that difficult ya??
(okay. you have my approval to shake your head, and say 'terrible.' or 'horrible'. or whatever adjectives you could think of.)

And NO!!!

I'm not that kind of push-everything-under-the-bed-to-make-them-invisible type of person lorrr!!!
(because I can't)

I really tidied them up nieh~!!

That was what happened during the term break in June.

You haven't seen what happened / what is happening / what will happen in the coming term break.

Next post. I promise. Wakaka.
(seriously, no one is willing to marry me anymore if they read the next post because it will be 10x more terrible than this.
Be mentally prepared)

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