Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Update (26092008):
While doing my brother's assignment,
found out that the Royal Government of Cambodia was formed on 24th of September, 1993.
2409 again. -.-

Oh ya it's 24th September.
Was telling JL that I was sad because KC has left and I couldn't get my crush out of my head and that's what he said.
yea it'sFai's (note: Weng Fai, not Ling Fei the ex) birthday.

24th day of September.

I almost forgotten about this day.
A day which had mean so much for me.

2 years ago, he hold my hand for the very first time.
My very first time.
My hand was in his while I called Fai, greeted him birthday. (I still remember what was I wearing btw. Gengness)
They were having party for Fai, which I couldn't join because I was in KK.
It was merry on the other side of the phone, and quiet here. What a contrast.

A year ago, my hand was still in his when I called Fai.
However, things have changed a lot.
We had been through so many things in that very own year.
Arguments, jealousy, LDR, dissatisfaction, and sooooo much more.

Tonight, my hands are on the keypad, typing this post.
Nop. My hand is no longer in his, and will not be in it anymore.

It's only 2 years ago?
I feel like it's a decade ago. Some long lost memory. Something buried deeply down there. Somewhere in the corner.
Browsed back that Lovey Dovey Baybee folder. A total of 1259 pictures. Wow.
Well, not really a pure bitter relationship. It's a bittersweet one.
Delete? Of course not! I appreciate every moment me and him have had.

Oh and those friendster testimonials which expressed our affection towards each other while we were in those LDR days.
Haha me and him used to be that geli before. So comic man.

Friendster? I totally forgotten about that Lovey Dovey Baybee album.
We have broke up for so long and that album still silently lying there.
*click* edit.
*click* delete.
I'm on myself now.

Take Rihanna's word.

but it's over now.

(Just take this line. Not the entire song
He didn't cheat on me. He's a good guy in this sense)

Any difference?

1. It's good to have companion (depends). I'm *kinda* enjoy to be alone in the car.
I feel free to listen to any songs I like, as loud as I can, and sing as loud as I can. Hehe.
Me imitating amateur driver. Very gan jiong.
Not sure why they wanna stick to the steering wheel.
Have a better view huh? Don't think so.
Erm.. am not that pro btw.

2. Well no one is gonna run to the parking lot while it rains.
Hence I'm bringing umbrella with me.Didn't bring umbrella on the first day of lectures.
Hence have to cover myself with those super heavy 2nd-handed textbooks.
Oh ya one more point. No one is gonna carry my heavy stuff for me.
(me damn vain I admit. Still camwhoring [twisted face nyaha] while raining. Wakaka)

3. He's no longer my companion to here and there.
Which makes me spend more quality time with my friends.

4. I have to finish everything on the plate by myself.
Hence I'm fatter by 3 kgs.
(offtopic. I'm having sorethroat now because coursemates suggested to have Nando's for lunch and we did. Wakaka.)

5. No more expectation and disappointment. No more hopes and despairs. No more happiness and sadness. Yea u get my point. Needless to bring the explanation on.

What else? Is that all?
If it is so, it's awfully sad.
Too bad. That's it I guess.

A friend of mine said,
'that's the difference between guys and girls.
Girls talk about guys after breaking up.
Guys don't.'
Well I did. At least in this post, I did.
I just feel like writing it. Because it's 24th Sep.
Well it would be the last time of me writing about him- unless my next relationship coincidentally started off on 24th Sep too. Wakaka.

Btw, it's good to be single.

Oh and... Weng Fai, Happy birthday!!!