Tuesday, September 23, 2008


You turned back, waved at us, and continued walking.
Smaller, and smaller, and smaller. And gone.
JL :It will be my turn.
ZC :hmm... yours or mine first?

... So you guys will be going off too. Very soon. I thought.
And I will be left alone here.

While heading to the car, JL started to say,
I'm bluffing if I say I'm not sad.
While on the way to pick him up, I started to feel very upset.
It's the same route,
I picked him up, to hang out with him.
but today, I'm picking him up, with the purpose to send him off,


Listening to his sentimental talk, I teared. (damn you LJL)
Fortunately you guys were walking in front of me.
I have always been so macho that I shouldn't be seen crying (-.- macho? you cry even while watching Corpse Bride la. Macho). Sigh.

On our way back, the sun was rising.
Me: Oh look, how beautiful those rays are!
ZC: Those are just clouds. I wanna sleep la.
Me: But can I assume that those are rays?
ZC: Anything. But those are really not rays. I just wanna sleep. Still can sleep for another hour. My class from 9am - 5pm k?

How come sleeping is all in his mind?
His friend has left! and he might not be able to see him next year because he himself will be leaving too~!!
No heart one. =(

Oh. Perhaps I am the naive one.
Leaving only ma, right? He'll be backed ma, right?
Well, perhaps, I should just get used to it.

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