Saturday, July 12, 2008

God knows me well


You see, I was being grumpy because I kept thinking that I would be very free. Though I had to send my brother all the way to Petaling Street to meet his girlfriend who stayed at YWCA. -.- It was not that he couldn't drive nor he didn't know the way, it was simply because my grandma was worried that he couldn't drive or he didn't know the road, which was totally contrary to the fact. It's like going back to college even on my holiday. 13kms of distance. What a good sister I am. Quite reluctant to be a good sister anyway.

Sigh. Ying Huey wasn't free to layan me because she had to busy with her school orientation. So I have to back home. I couldn't go shopping because I didn't have the mood to. Shit I have lose the interest to shop. Anyway, I went home after that. (Then gotta go all the way to Petaling Street to fetch my bro when he's done)

I was being sulky (partly was because of those stupid menstrual syndrome) for lack of companion. My boyfriend is with his family at Sabah, QQ is enjoying her summer or winter at Queensland, Mei Yi is enjoying the breeze and the fresh air at Kedah and Ying Huey is busy with her school orientation event. Others.. studying, working.. Find your collegemates la... Ceh as if I have not thought of it before. Most of them have backed to Kampung. Not much of KLites in my college.

Anyway, when I turned into a junction, I saw Ying Huey!!! I got very excited and horned and tried to waved with her, showing my brightest smile, hoping that she could see me. But she didn't. 1 second after that, I heard a 'BANG!!!!!!!!'. Okay la, not that loud. it's just a 'BANG!!!'


I crashed into a lorry with a metal container. But thank god. It wasn't as serious as last time. I still could drive my car. Was being quite nervous but not as nervous a
s last time. Last time tried to act cool but couldn't. I cried. Today was better, I even waved with the driver in the Kelisa who offered to help. I slowly reserved the car, then drove off again.

Well, I was thinking,

God knows me well.

I was ranting (to myself) about how free I would be in these few days because I am lack of companion to go anywhere. Then, God heard me and gave me this duty. I had to contact the insurance agent, the repairman, Jia Liang who is going to bring me tothe repair shop because he knows that place well, explain to my family of what happened yadda yadda. Oh gosh. My life was so packed now. I've got so many things to do now.

Thank you god.
See. Not that serious.
Really. Not that serious. Luckily the front light wasn't crashed. I wouldn't have to replace it.

For those whom may concern, I'm okay~
Oh by the way, my hamster gave birth to five babies again.

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gilda said...

oh gosh!!! accidents are scary. i'm glad you're ok :)