Sunday, July 6, 2008

Midnight Ranting

I wanted to put the title 'Now I realise I love you guys so much -_-' but someone said that I have been using these kind of titles recently - which some of them not even related to the post. So I'm using a super boring (although those You know I love you yadda yadda title is not less than boring but at least it makes people think why am I using that title) title which could directly tell the story of the whole post.

I feel damn depressed now. No, depressed is not the right word. It's hard to describe this feeling. Everytime I had fun with my friends, I would feel so - especially if I come home after 2am - which is like super rare for me. Tonight I met 2 gang of long-time-no-see friends and had lots of fun listening to the rantings of a heart-broken friend in the first gang and taking pictures with a DSLR camera and sharing the stories of the two friends who will going to leave us soon. So, do the math, means my depression level was doubled up. These two are some of my favourite gangs, the pianoforte gang and the Connaughtian gang. And I was meeting my favourite gangs at once - can you say I'm not the luckiest girl in the world?

Really gotta thanks Yen Yee for making this happened. The story went like this. It were Yen Yee and me who set the date, ignoring the fact that I wouldn't be able to make it on this day. But we have to make it on the date because the two main characters, i.e., Hwai Li and Kai Zhen whom we set the whole thing for could only make it on these day. We thought of making the farewell party separately but.. you know.. it wouldn't be that fun. Actually Hwai Li also suggested me to leave the first event half way on and joined them but I refused to because I have an ability to lose my way. Anyway, Yen Yee thought of the most brilliant idea in the world which is to moved the venue to somewhere near my dinner.

Okay let me talk about my first dinner. It was Kah Hoe's 21st birthday and his mom who really really really appreciate it decided to celebrate it in a big way and organised a dinner for some close relatives and Kah Hoe's friend at Kam Lun Tai, Sri Petaling. Kah Hoe is my so-called brother in the so-called 'musical family'. It sounds lame but, well, it was music who brought us together. Very ngam ma. Oh by the way it was a buffet style dinner instead of a 9-course meal one. And one weird thing is that they are using polystyrene plate instead of the plastic one. Anyway, I had fun listening to the rantings of the hear-broken stranger to the family, Hon Kit (he was a stranger because he missed the performance who connected us). No I'm not that cruel but I'm pretty sure that everyone was feeling funny instead of sorry for him because he made it in a very funny way and he didn't look sad. Sad at here *point to the heart* maybe.

So after that my friends went to meet me there and led me to Island Cafe, Jalan Kuchai Lama which is quite near to Sri Petaling [Yen Yee, Thank q..........]. Omg I felt I was so important because there were 3 cars who waited for me just to lead me. Nola it was just the gathering point.

Basically it didn't go like a farewell party while more like a secondary school gathering as the attention of the night was not paid promptly to Hwai Li and Kai Zhen but instead to that deck of cards and the DSLR camera which belongs to Yeng Chern's boyfriend.

We had some really precious moment, in catching up with each others and taking pictures. I was glad that I was in this chit-chat circle instead of that Chor D circle -_-. It seemed that they were the strangers to our gang because there were no connection between us at all - oh, except for the bill and the tables. What la you guys. At least give some face to our two friends who will be going to leave us soon okay? And there is this guy, who would just spend his sweet time, say like, at least 45 minutes in talking on the phone with his girlfriend. -_- No exception for every gathering. Oh ya, otherwise, he would kept smsing. His friend told me this guy's average phone bill would cause him RM800. Crazee. But doesn't matter la because he is kind of wealthy - at least he drives a Volvo S80 haha.

Ceh why am I keep talking about this guy. Anyway once again, thank you Yen Yee. I would have missed all those if I chose not to attend, which was the earlier intention. Sigh. But it ended.

And that's why I felt so... oh, I know what word I can use. EMO. It's a word for every feeling which couldn't be described. Emo is a word which is much utilised by the lalas and the ah bengs but I don't care la. I'm feeling EMO. I was surrounded with the laughters and those bilibalas just now and all of the sudden, it turned so quiet. I could only hear the tickery-tick sound of the clock and the tap-tap sound of my laptop. Dead Silence. I feel emo tonight.

p/s: And Hwai Li and Kai Zhen, your thank you message make me feel like crying.


Something pleasant to neutralise the sight you have seen earlier

Me again

Something nice to neutralise what you have seen earlier
It will go on by this sequence


Beautiful people


Beautiful people
Sick of seeing ME??

MORE MEsssss!!!!!

See I was teaching my so called son JL of how to be retarded~

The retarded mother and son~

And it seemed he was pretty obsessed to it.
I'm out of caption.

Define 'yong sui'.

Good kissers we are. The wide one and the sharp one.
Eh I tell you, I can lick my own nose... can you?
Pictures credit to Jayz Yung~

Taking a picture of the display of the camera.

The original one....
Taken by Arthur.
People's boyfriends love to take beautiful pictures of their girlfriends', this guy is different...
Always ask me to make all kinds of goofy looks, which I never hesitated to do so.. haha..
What to do la... Never look good in any picture...
Make some funny faces.. At least it makes you laugh... You didn't? Alright, at least it makes myself laugh~

Okay back to the farewell...
Putting this up because Elaine looks so cute~!


Farewell Hwai Li~!! Farewell Kai Zhen~!!


aLiya said...

"tap-tap sound of my hwai li

what does that mean?


Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

what was wrong with me...

Your name was just running through my mind... I wanted to write LAPTOP!!!!