Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I can't believe it

I was one of them.

Those girls in sheer white halter top, white cheerleader skirts which are not more than 10 inches, with fluttering fake eyelashes and tacky glossy lips, who were trying to increase the sales of the newly launched product.

Showing off those new products by the company which hired them for RM100 a day, with RM3 of commission for each item sold. And oh, flashing their delicious smile just to attract more customers. Mine couldn't be any delicious with the braces anyway.

Oh, my, god. I can't believe that I would be one of them one day.

So one day my friend April texted me and offered me this job at Low Yat Plaza. The paid tempted me + I had got nothing better to do these few days since bay bee has gone. So I went for it.

3 days, standing in front of the booth, with 3 other girls which are obviously looked more delicious than me, and 5 other guys which two of them were the supervisors, for freaking 12 hours. Oh, not that long. I was just exaggerating. We actually had 2 hours of break.

Those 3 girls are, you know, those really short and cute type in some UK size 6 figure. I looked gigantic if compared to them, at least I am half a head taller than them, and I am at least a UK size 10. All 3 of them were wearing fake eyelashes for those 3 days, except for me, who layered and layered my eyelashes with mascara, trying to be make it look fake, just didn't want to be alienated. Anyway, I was still alienated because I didn't put thick foundation and glittering eye shadows because I only have those normal type. Oh and, I wore braces.

They were being nice to me, face to face. But my friend heard them talking about me - in a negative way. Sigh. Expected.

Let's talk about the guys. The fattest one only talked to pretty girls, i.e., he didn't talk to me at all throughout these 3 days. The slimmest one looked very shy and seldom talked, but he was good in selling products. The last one, whom my boyfriend feel very jealous for, was being close to me. We got to know we stayed near on the first day, and took LRT together while going and returning. Sigh, sad to say that, I didn't spend my lunch and dinner with girls, I spent with him.

Alright, enough talking about people.

My job.

I was pretty lucky on the first day. I managed to hit the minimum sales target. I didn't talk much though.

The 2nd day was suck. For the first 7 fucking hours, I didn't manage to sell out even one. My persuasive skill wasn't that good I guess. I talked until I got ulcers and yet, I still had to still continued going on like 'MP3 or MP4, sir?' Suck. Freaking frustrated. I couldn't handle it easily. Almost wanted to cry. I could feel the tears in the corner of my eyes everytime I shouted 'MP3, MP4, sir?' Haih I just couldn't hold my tears. Why am I like that...

I hid in the toilet, trying to calm myself down by taking few deep breaths (what... the toilet in Low Yat Plaze doesn't stink okay? Don't believe go try lahhhh). I squatted in the cubicle, buried my face into my palm, tried not to think of the zero sales. Tried to make myself feel better by taking an 'oh I'm so pathetic' syok sendiri picture. Sucky to the Maxi. Oh I was really so pathetic.

Frown. Eh I think I look kinda cute in this picture leh. No wonder so many lalas love to take pictures with this angle.

For the 3rd day, I decided not to work hard. I enjoyed my job to the max, I showed off those products as if I really really liked it, and chattered with customers who approached me. I didn't think of the sales target at all. It was really okay if I got a zero. I don't care. I don't mind. Just let it be.

Surprisingly! I managed to get the highest target among these three days. -.- -.- -.- Why la god wanna treat me like that. Sending me a message like don't have to work so difficult la, work so difficult no use one, take life easier la.

This is the first time I feel that it is painful to gain something.

Oh anyway I exchanged my painful earning with a Fitness First membership. Walao. Who can teach me how to save money arr??


april said...

yo...u actually help to promote their item!!! haha..yat tai jau ji that fattest mou lei guai gak. x choi him la...we dont care..haha..at least there are someone else to help us out besides (each other, one the first day oni la) ...tht guy quite nice ma...tmn u mkn wo..keik sei arthur lo...u yau mou....ekhem...

Cherylmeryl said...

Forget about that plastic hypocrite.
Stupid, gone through plastic surgery to make her hidung become so damn tinggi.
Suits her. Hidung Tinggi.

黑牛奶 said...

"Eh I think I look kinda cute in this picture leh. No wonder so many lalas love to take pictures with this angle." I agreed

MJ said...

Welcome to Fitness First... =D
Go for de classes on sundays...will be fun...hope to see you there =D
Text me hahahah