Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Right just look at the title.
That is the exact mood of mine.

Grumpy it is.

So you may have heard from me: I've been assigned a very heavy task by my dad.

I have to escort my mei to the college.

- Wake up!!
Rising unnaturally against my biological clock (my sleeping time is set at 2am-11pm) makes me grumpy.
It could be the alarm. Or the knocking on the door (by Carpy!!). Or the drilling sound from neighbour's renovation.
Whatever it is, I don't feel good being waken that way.

- Makan
In a rush.
I have no time for that!!
I am running late!!
Oh no. Not me. My mei will be running late if I take my own sweet time.
Right. 3-in-1 oat. One gulp. Gao dim.
Should add some fruits into my diet.
It's messy to eat dragon fruit, kiwi requires slicing into half and I have to wash off the pesticide on the strawberry before eating. Gah screw it! Let me stress again, I have not time for that! My mei is waiting in the car already!!!

- Getting ready
Be fast! I better be!
I have to shower!! I usually do not wash my hair at night and 24 hours of not cleaning it would leave it greasy! Yuck.
10 minutes for cleaning up and arrrrr..... no time for drying my hair.
And what to wear????
Arghhh I have no idea!!!!
Haiyah I will just grab whatever it is on the bed.

-Main task
To keep an eye on mei when she's driving.
As I have stressed before, I slept at 4am. Sleep deprived. How to be alert when I am at the passenger seat doing nothing??
I doze off instead - which I'm not supposed to be.
When I open my eyes, what I have in sight is the college's parking area.
Every amateur driver pursues terrible parking skill - I used to be one too
That's another main thing in the job scope - direct my mei when she's attempting side or reverse parking.
After 10 or 15 minutes when she's finally got into the parking space, we have to wait for the lift to get to the ground floor.
My task is done at the moment.

Look for some place to hang out for 3 hours.
Summit is not a place for shopping.
What to do laaaaaaaa???
K manage to hang around in a zombified way for 3 hours,
it's then time to get back to my mei

-Main task.
Refer to the above section.

My life sucks right.

Not so.
Erase off the negative elements, let's inject some optimism into life.

-Rise and shine
Hmm how awesome is it to rise when the sun ray is still comforting warm, instead of the piercing hot one.
I went to the slumberland quite early the night before and boy my body loves it too~

- Gastronomy study
No rocket science required.
It is indeed fabulous to kick start the day with muesli and milk.
Kiwi, strawberry and dragon fruit do add some colors to my breakfast.
A cube of Cadbury chocolate with mint filling wouldn't hurt much.

- Clean and beam
It is vital to have a fresh me for the fresh day - greasy hair do serious damage to my image.
My hair loves Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration by the way - not only does it keep my locks moisture, it leaves a pleasant smell too.

- Solely soul sisters
That is the main point of the job - speed controller.
Chatting is always welcomed even it is an amateur who's driving provided that a slightly experienced one keep an eye on the amateur.

- Hang out loud
Books and laptop is my best company when I'm alone.
The only stuff that bothers me is whether I should go for green tea or coffee.
3 hours would never be enough when you experiencing a pulse-quickening read - by this I mean Dan Brown's.
Oh plus, I could update my rotting blog - that's what I'm doing now.

- Way back home
Routine in the car repeated.
More chatting and laughing.
Packed some tidbits for mei - jamming back from Subang to Cheras could be really time consuming.

See. Things could be much more fabulous!!!
In fact, the second scenario happened on the first few days.
Things turn sour over time.
In addition, I slept at 4am - it matters. Scroll up to the first step, I feel grumpy if I don't wake up in the natural way. The whole regime torn from the very beginning.

Sigh. So in order to have a good day, I shall start sleeping early.

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