Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The narrator

I think I have been reading too much I have started to narrate my own life.

When I had my hands off the book, I could hear a faint little voice echoing in my mind, trying to search through the sea of vocabulary to describe whatever I was doing.

Erm I can assure you that I am not having any psychological disorder.
(most of the psycho patients say so anyway but that's different.
I am perfectly normal.
I am having holiday, perfectly relax, what could possibly make me go cuckoo?)

See, at the current moment, my narrator says:

While her fingers were still moving across the keyboard,
frequently pressing the backspace button to erase off the errors made,
her eyeballs rolled to the side while she was still facing the laptop.

She could only have a clearer mind so as to generate a better thought when she was not having thousands of letters in sight..

Yealar. Something like this lah.

The little voice wouldn't just go away.

See see it's coming again.

She frown.
The thought that she has a voice in her mind made her feel so sick.

Die lah. I can't get rid of the voice.
It's like I have turned into some character in the book and the author is trying to describe my thought, my movements and my everything so the reader could get what I am doing now.

Perhaps I really should take a break from reading.
For the past few days I have became a total nerd that I even brought a book to the buffet lunch.
*gasp* it's coming again.

The yummylicious little treats were placed before her but it seemed like her eyes were locked to those lines and nothing else could attract her attention.
This is not usual.
Food used to be at the position of the book - her eyes were locked to the food and nothing else could attract her attention.
'One more chapter,' she thought.
Chapters after chapters, the delectables still remain untouched.

Things are getting serious as food does not intrigue me as much as a book does!!
Food used to be top of the list and it is definitely unbeatable okay?

My holiday shall not only about books.

I shall start doing something else.
I can't just stick my butt onto the couch whole day and indulged myself between the lines.
First, churchmate is calling for my assistance to become the pianist for their songfest.
Yes, I will go, despite that I am not close to any of them and I am not a believer and I have different mindset with them but hey, it is something else beside books.

Second, one of the twitterian (hi CK! I doubt you will be reading though) will be having birthday celebration tomorrow at Yuen's and yes I will be there, despite that I have lose interest in food and the buffet price I will be paying does not worth the amount of food intake but hey, it is something else beside books.


Okay at least I am not going entirely anti social.
Good for me.

She's here... Again....

She smiled in satisfaction at her outing plans which are sprinkled over the calendars,
thinking that she has a life,
and it's not all about books.

Please go die you little prick.
I don't wanna hear your voice anymore.

Secretly cursing her little narrator, she squinted her eyes, as if it helped in getting rid of it.
Back in her mind,
she clearly knows that it is not that easy.



Anonymous said...

go social more,perhaps out with guys ...nomore booknerd

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[Anonymous] shall have to balance it up~