Monday, August 30, 2010

It's an assss' post

I purposely added another 2 S so that you wouldn't think of it as a post of detailed description of a buttock or a donkey.
Nor am I enraged with anything so please don't take the asss here as a vulgarity.
By this, I do mean the alphabet 'S'.

See, this is an amazing alphabet.
Stuff which begin with an S are splendid:

Too bad, my post is about neither of this.
BTW, save the shit.
I know some people are mentally imbalanced,
when someone speaks of good stuff,
they think of the opposite the rebut the speaker's statements.

Let's go back to the assss' post.

So it was Sunday.
See. Told you so.
It is an undeniably fact that both Saturday and Sunday are the favourite days of the week for many of you out there.
And both of the spelling start with S.

A bazaar will be held at Mist Club, hence April and I decided to check it out.
We need to find something to fill up our boring Sunday.
K I swear upon my body weight that it was not pre-planned.
It's so happen that we were wearing stripes.

Whoa daytime Mist.Good thing about daytime Mist club is that it's not misty at all.
Since it's a fashion bazaar,
no one is allowed to smoke (start with an S as well, but this is not good),
hence air was clear,
albeit there is still some leftover smell which trapped in the fabrical stuff in the club.
Well, it's good to enjoy the blasting music without having to breathe in the choking air.Look!! The DJ was wearing stripes as well!!

Shopping has always been girls' favourite activity.
Well it is not necessary to splurge in order to enjoy the joy in shopping.
Window shopping could be quite satisfying...
Alright, I feel guilty saying so and I can't go on anymore.
Window shopping can never satisfied my desire.
The ultimate purpose of shopping is to bring something home.
The whole process of shopping would render pointless and it's a waste of time if you end up nothing in the end.

It still doesn't mean that I have to spend lavishly.
Now I have to clarify something - some people thought that I am highly maintained.
Eh.. Please la. I am in actual fact a cheapskate.
I can safely say that I seldom buy normal price item - unless the original price is RM25.
I am more stingy than how you have thought I was.
I would rather spend more for a gastronomy adventure rather than for fashion.

Okay anyway,
so the fun part of shopping is something in the middle of splurging and buying nothing.
It is the discovery of something worth its price, something of which, when seen, looks more expensive than its cost.
(BTW, I just bought a second hand 50mm f1.8 lens for RM230.
Yea I heard your small voice: walao RM230 she said cheap. She is rich lah. but wait!
The first hand price of the lens is about RM330.
The 2nd hand would usually priced at about RM280.
You are lucky if you are able to find one at RM250.
So am I not the luckiest person to be able to get one at RM230??
It's not a super old lens in the first place!! The warranty period last until May2011.
Nah this is what you call a smart shopper lark)

Alright back to the bazaar.
The whole point of going to the bazaar is to hunt for cheap stuff.
Smart Shang has fulfilled this point in the satisfied level.
In the end, I only bought a top and a shorts - both of them are under RM30.

So it was still quite early when we done shopping in the bazaar.
We decided to continue our journey to Jalan Telawi.I heard small voices in you again: Hooiyoh Bangsar oh high class people oh.
That's what my friend teased me when I told him that I was shopping over there.

Wait lah. I haven't finished talking yet.
I did not manage to get anything from those boutiques at Telawi street - because those clothes cost more than I would want to spend.
Well, I believe that in most of the cases, it is not that you can't afford those pieces of clothes.
You can, if you want to get it.
It's just... it is overpriced lah.. it costs more than it is worth.

Okay I ended up buying only a laptop skin (RM15) and a handphone strap for my sis (RM5), *the said laptop skin*
after climbing up stairs and stairs and stairs.
Good way to burn calories though.

After a long while, we started to get hungry.
Unlike some of the Twitterians, we don't whine about it.
We do something more practical, like, hunting for food.

We ended up having something start with S again, (save that shit!)
Sushi it is!!
Double S this time, it's Sakae Sushi!!
Alright it's nothing fascinating about eating Sushi, so I have nothing much to talk about it.
Erm... Except that I terpoured April's green tea while attempting to get the menu.
And... Except that I was being clumsy while refilling my green tea and showered the table with hot water.
And... Except that I left my laptop skin at my seat and the staff kindly sent it back to me while I was paying at the cashier.

Nothing special other than this.

You see, I am one of those people who think that a perfect meal shall end with desserts.
I can safely say that I am addicted to sugar.
I will suffer from sugar withdrawal symptoms such as feeling sleepy, having runny rose, etc. if I don't give myself regular intakes of sugar.
I know, this is bad for my health but I just can't help it.
You know, it's like smoking.
It's not that I have ever tried smoking, I just feel that they can't quit because they encounter the similar problems too.

Anyway, I need some sugary stuff to satisfy my sweet tooth.
Hence cupcakes we went for!!We went for Bijou's which cost us RM5.50 each cupcakes.
Yes I know it's rather expensive for a cake because you could simply get a muffin for RM2.50 from King's but as I've said, I would rather spend more on food.

Sweet tooth's satisfaction.



Bebee said...

i was there on saturday xD

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[Bebee] yes??? manage to get anything???

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