Thursday, September 2, 2010


Okay I try not to exaggerate but that's the best Japanese meal I have ever had.
See I love food but at the same time I'm a cheapskate who would usually opt for middle-price range food.

Japanese food have always been one of my favourite and when my friends and I could not think of any other food we usually would resort to it. Not to say that it's the last resort (how can it be the last resort) but nothing else could beat it I guess.

How ironic it was when Umai-ya had this Merdeka promotion for buffet lunch.
Remember how cruel and inhumane did Japanese treat our moyang when Tanah Melayu was conquered by them?
Forced ingestion? Where water were forced down the throat then into the stomach of our moyang's thena board would be put onto our moyang's stomach and each side of the board would be stepped on like playing on a see-saw to force the water out of the body again??
Slaving our moyangs?
Raping our moyangs?
(there are some other form of tortures but I can't recall any by now.
Cheh not that I was there, it is my grandma's bedtime story.
Yes my grandma knows nothing about Brothers Grimms' so I know nothing about Cinderella and Rapunzel until Disney made them into cartoons)

But it's all over now.

Not to worship Japanese, but they really are pretty productive.
They excel in motor industries, electric and electronic appliances, porns (too bad female is still the weaker side in their porn. Stand up Japanese women!!) and not forgetting food~

I've gone too far again.

Can we back to the food?

So Japanese buffet we went as my (suppose to be our. Bryan and I) birthday treat.

Not much pictures that I have taken because I only had half a dragon fruit as my breakfast. Yealar true Shang Hui kiasu fashion.

Now. Sashimi.

I'm so Ulu I thought it was impressive to have that amount of pink salmons before me.
Usually I only have 3 pieces of Sashimis which already cost me RM5.90 at Sushi Zanmai.
I could have a big plate of Sin Chew Bee Hoon with that price alright?

Wait till I see this.Remember the expression of the nut-craver's in Ice Age 3 when it gone to the heaven full of nuts?
Yes imagine that expression on my face.
Felt myself and that plate of Sashimis are glowing - with harps as background music and little angels flying around my head gracefully.

No cannot faint.
I have to eat.
Sorry. Cannot resist to tempt you.

Alright, back to reality before Bebee and April finished up the Salmons. These Lims are crazy sashimi lovers as I am.Legendary Bebee Lim who had devoured up to 40 pieces of salmons
(+ her darl, Wilson Lee who was conveniently bokeh-ed by mua)

Unlimited pieces of sashimis are good enough,
but the icing on the cake would be the followings:Ice cream!!!!!
Faster imagine my usual expression when I have sweet stuff put before me.
Here they have 3 flavours: Wasabi, Chocolate and Macha.
Well I am those kind of person who eats plain wasabi during food waiting session and they guess I would love the ice cream and they even suggested me to mix up real wasabi with the ice cream.

*wasabi ice cream tasting in progress*
Scoop with spoon, slowly put into the mouth.
Rolled around with tongue. Wait. Till the ice cream melted.

BEST lah!!!!!

Okay. I was exaggerating.
It was spicily good, but I still prefer something less adventurous like macha and super boring chocolate ice cream.
Another 2 scoops of each please.

Have I told you about the sugar withdrawal symptoms I have suffered from?
I think I did.
Basically I need to have regular intakes of sugars - otherwise I would have runny nose and short temper and stuff lah.

Last but not least, a procedural candles blowing and cake cutting session~
Hello dearie ex please look at this picture!!!
I am so protective of myself now that my future boyfriend doesn't have to worry that I zao guong anymore.
Alar pity of you that you have to take up that worry...

Look like a pair of couple ain't it?
No la I'm not dreaming - Bryan and I are jimuis it's impossible for us to couple up and I said so just because I know some of you would think we really look like one pair and I wanna prove that I can read your mind.

Wishing really hard.Haiyah everyone knows what's my birthday wish already.
No lor I'm not that shallow lor wanting a boyfriend is not my only birthday wish alright?
I also wish to pass my CLP exams at the first attempt.

*acknowledgement + appreciation. People who attended*

CK and his girlfriend, Jaslin, also another sashimi lover~~~
Despite that they have had another round of buffet at another branch of Umai-ya's,
they still attended the lunch. =)))))))

Joshua Ong who was sicked for that day.
This boy had been so quiet throughout the lunch.
Poor thing stayed till the end of the session despite having heavy head.
Oi! You better get well soon!!
I want you to talk more on our next meet up!!

+ Ren (who owns a classical Leica camera for free due to some technical mistake made in the ebay transactions .. I like!!!) + April (I will whack you if you say you don't know who April is) who were not in the pictures.

And the very late Ceddy!!!Please let me explain his lateness!
Ceddy was late because he wanted to get something for me~!!
Neh the compilation of 101 music for relaxation I'm holding in hand??
Can you see that???
You know what I have always wanted to get this kind of music because I practise Yoga and Pilates (don't ask me why am I still so fat) and sometimes it's tiring to count in silence. Music helps in counting, definitely. I only have contemporary hits on my play list and I will lose patience very fast and started dancing (don't ask me why am I still so fat) if I practise Yoga to those music.
Alright I didn't purchase it for myself because of the same ol' reason - I am stingy, simple as that.

Everything was just amazing lah.
Thank you people for the treat!!

I feel worried again.
I'm gonna repeat what I have said earlier.
I am feeling so happy right now I afraid that there is a quota for happiness and I have over consumed it and not much would be left.
I hope I could find an ingredient to generate happiness so that I wouldn't have to worry anymore.


Bebee said...

im the Legendary who had devoured up to 40 pieces of salmons

when wanna go woolap again xD

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