Friday, May 1, 2009

There can be miracle...

Yes yes yes yes yes!!!! Miracle miracle miracle!! It's TOTALLY unexpected okay????

So you guys know that my ex owed me 1.25k right?
(yes yes yes I am that calculative. I keep thinking that 1.25k will be nothing for me in the future but subconsciously, I still want the money)
So you guys know that my ex didn't think of repaying me despite that he has money right?
So you guys know that my ex still didn't wanna clear the debt when he got to know that I needed the money desperately right?
(I lied. I didn't really need that money. BUT!!!! He didn't know that it's a lie!!! Still, he wasn't willing to pay me)

What you guys don't know is that he did not pick up the phone one day,
and just because I couldn't reach him,
smart me made another brilliant step - which overturned the whole incident.

I called his mom instead.
I NEVER EVER thought that I would have the courage to call aunty.
I was so afraid of her when I dated her son - although she really liked the way her son behaved during those days.

What you guys don't know is that his mom thought that he had clear half of the debt,
but he had used it on somewhere else (to pay the drug dealer - according to him. they were more 'dangerous than I am),
and his mom thought that he came over KL to study,
whilst the fact is that his girlfriend stays at Johor, thus he followed her too.
He lied to his mom - damn a lot.

And there are much more lies that yet to be discovered by his mom - which, threatened him.
Yea, his mom terus called him upon talking to me.
And yea, he terus called me upon talking to his mom.
And YEA, he felt threatened - and promised to pay.
And which, HE DID.

Oh, perhaps I should say, SHE did.
She, doesn't mean her mom. I'm referring to the current girlfriend instead.
Those messages which promised to pay didn't sound like something which was typed by him.
Some of the content of the messages contradict with the content of the conversation.
- he, who was on the phone didn't show a very clear position when I told him the content of those messages while the message sender seemed to have no idea that what I have talked about on the phone.

When he asked for the account number, he asked if it's a Maybank account,
while he should have known that I am a Maybank account holder when he transferred some pitiful RM50 to me one month ago.
(yea he made the transaction because he felt threatened, and I told him that I needed some assurance)
So he SHOULDN'T ask me if it's Maybank account because he knew it!!!

You know what's the BEST part?

He asked what my name is when he made the transaction just now.

I was like... EXCUSE ME???
You farking bastard do not know my name after being together for 3 bloody years??
That's so not possible right????

You see, it is not that I think too much okay.
How is it possible that he doesn't know my name?????
This is so ridiculous man.

just to confirm. The message said.


Nay. He wasn't the one who made the transaction.
He doesn't speak broken English. Well he doesn't have an excellent command of language but... not that terrible.

r u still will disturb me if I pay u?
Not something that he will write.
And he doesn't use exclamation mark..

My conclusion. He wasn't the one who paid me. He might not even be with the sender when the transaction was made. Otherwise really, he didn't really have to ask my name.

Anyway, why do I even bother??


I don't care anymore.
(haha, after all those i have typed)
I won't erase him, as how my friend has suggested. He's the BIGGEST lesson I have ever learned in my life - how can I erase off this precious lesson just like that??

I just want to say:
The debt has finally been cleared. Wakakakaka~~


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sure sure~ welcome darlz!