Monday, May 4, 2009

When I feel like having good dinner

By that, I mean whole wheat bread with Omega-3 egg plus olive oil spread and reduced fat cheddar cheese.

And oh, plain pumpkin-tomato-corn soup to be cooked without butter.
Plus organic green grapes and strawberries.Carbs. Check.
Fat. Check.
Protein. Check.
Vitamins. Check.
Am oh-so-healthy.

Oh. Heavy dinner. Tsk tsk tsk. Usually I only have 2 packets of instant Spirulina oatmeal plus low fat milk for dinner.

Question: Why am I still so fat????

*am talking about food again.
My life is so sien that the most exciting thing to talk about is food.


april said...

mou lieu~

require so long time to prepare, skjap sudah habis makan @.@

aik u forgot la...

Carrie Chan~* said...

Wah! Really creative, korek a hole and put egg and cheese, YUM! hehe.

I think eat whatever you feel like and exercise, many Taiwan shows recommended it! hehe.

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

to both of u....
I secretly love being an aunty like that...

Carrie Chan~* said...

LOL!!! Sometimes it's nice to lose yourself a while, especially for food, dun need to feel guilty, hehe.