Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aloha!!! and Farewell~!!

Apparently Shang is still alive.
(yes. It's so apparent. What else could it be?)
*sidenote: have to blur the rest because the face was too oily and it is really unpleasant.*

And when others are studying highlighting revising writing doingassignments flippingbooks,
she is fooling around.Walao. This picture could deem to be the best picture to resemble fooling around.
*and humiliation**and ugliness*
yes, apparently people are taking the picture of each other of each other taking the picture of each other (yes, I have checked, no error),
and I interrupted.I cannot lick my elbow but I can lick my nose,
and curl my tongue like that~~~
*unlimited humiliation. Where got girls liddat oneeee??*


Okay. Back to the topic.
Small voice to defend why I was fooling around instead of studying:
What... what.. haiyah friend is going off soon ma...Mm... yes... the one with the red face will be flying to UK...
Then then then... you not friend enough lor if you don't go...
(for God's sake, it's onlly 3 months. Most, 6 months.)
Plus plus plus... you will meet some friends which you have not met for decades wor...Manyak Excuses.

Small voice again: and friend whom you are meeting up with everydayyyyyyyy
Reminds me of a movie scene in which Eric Tsang used the flash of the camera to run from the paparazzi.

Conventional group pic. kerasnya.

Anyway, this outing is quite productive -
me and another 3 girls have planned a trip to Sabah,
with the MAS return flight tickets which cost us only RM92!!!!!
I have never been on a plane for such a good value before lor....
Can't wait can't wait!!

Before that... Back to study please.
Yes, thank you.

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