Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Splitting the buttercream frosting

Like this.

Proud or not?
This is the first time of me piping such dual-color frosting,
and the second time of me piping frosting on cupcakes,
(I normally use chocolate ganache because buttercream are always way to sweeeeeet for me)
and this would be probably the ... 3rd or 4th time of me baking cupcakes.

So the story started like that.
My student spent me some sponge cake which she bought from Pasar Malam,
(neh those type with the pikachu or hellokitty shape)
and I promised that I would spend her some too.
Despite that it is only few hundred steps (yes, try to count. You won't know it goes on that fast) of walking distance,
I feel lazy - and would rather bake it myself.
Plus, I had taken my first paper today - and - crashed it.
*melts into mud* yea. Confidence was seriously defeated.
In order to mould myself into shape again, I decided to bake.
(huh? Not by putting up more efforts into the other subjects meh????)

So I used the recipe which has the best reviews from, the Black Magic Cake,
just bake a quarter of the suggested portion,
and able to bake 20 mini cupcakes - perfectly - no batter left at all.
Yea yea yea, as a Virgo, I tend to feel happy over this kind of perfectism.
(but there are much more leftovers for the buttercream. Haiyah no perfectism already)

Sidenote: The reason of me love baking mini cupcakes instead of the standard one is as followed:
When I eat the cupcakes, I won't feel that guilty.
Then there is a voice which would tell me,
enough la, you have eaten (let's say) 3,
3 freaking cupcakes leh, how fattening...
Contrary to that, another voice wil tell me again,
nevermind la, since it's mini cupcake,
the size is so pitifully small if compared to the standard size one,
it won't cause any major problems if u eat more la.

Hence. I eat more. Which makes no difference - it still contributes to make fatness.
Haiz. Am just bullshitting. Kindly ignore me.

Anyway. Back to... The buttercream frosting.
I adapted the recipe from the Wilton's page, which I think is pretty reliable.

I still don't like it.
I have cut down the sugar by half (yea, 4 cups are suggested, I made half of the overall suggested portion, and I just put in 1 cup),
but it still turned out to be super sweet for me.
I hate it when the sweetness of white sugar stays in my mouth.
It's sweet to be sweet (yes, intended. No error) - but there is exception for every general rule.
I want to say the same thing again.
Is it that the tastebud of those from the best tend to be less sensitive towards sweetness?
Or the nature of their white sugar is different - it is less sweet?
Or they simply love things to be sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet?
Why is it still so sweet even though I have reduce the amount of the sugar by half?

Anyway, the cake itself is.. so so only.
(because I have forgotten to put butter.
What a BIG mistake.
Still wanna blame others wor)
The texture is... thumbs down (because no butter hence abit dry and not that smooth, means less fattening and less calories)
but it tastes good nonetheless.
(because I have reduced the sugar by a quarter. Tee hee)
The dryness of the cake itself could be neutralised by the creamy frosting anyway.

As for the dual-color of the buttercream frosting, I learnt it from the cuppcake hearter.
Her creative wheel seems to be always spinning.
Different methods, different ingredients (like, chilli-pepper? and cokes?) and different themes.
If you are directed to the said page,
do not laugh at mine after you have seen hers.
I told you so, this is the 2nd time I piped frosting. Wakaka.
I will master it. Yes. One day. (yea, I wish)
Speaking of wish, I wish to have that very popular 1M piping tip - essential eh.

And the most geng part of this baking session is the storing,
which is suggested by my grandmother...So environmentally friendly, man.
Suprisingly, the minis are well seated in that.

I won't tell my students that I baked it anyway.
In the event if they think that it's not nice (as I thought so - because of the sweetness)
I still can have excuses to cover up in the worst circumstances.
hmm? not nice arr? Then I buy some other flavours next time~
(White lies. Right)


aLIya said...

looking at it alone makes me feel fattening liao. lol

chengyee said...

oi.. u pipe samo u gonna pipe ur own fats liao leh! do u eat them?! lol