Monday, May 4, 2009


Well when I used a positive description, you would probably immediately link it to food - because the yummyliciouses are my salvation.

And yes, am gonna talk about food again.

This time,


I have heard bunch of positive reviews about that restaurant but sadly, I didn't get the chance to go. Alright, my laziness does contribute to it. Plus, I die die don't wanna dine alone.

But!!! God always grant me what I have asked for, which, I have to sacrifice something else instead (small voice: Haagen Dazs buffet) to get try that famous Alexis style of tiramisu.
[Disclaimer: ceh. I sound like those spoilt rich girl here. Padahal am not. Am working for it lor k?]

Anyway. Back to Alexis. And the blissful Tiramisu.

So me and April shared the set lunch, because again, I die die wanted to try the tiramisu. If we order a set for each, I wouldn't be able to get the tiramisu and which, we could only have the choice of carrot cake with donno what and banana cake with butterscotch - which, is nice too, but of course couldn't be compared with the tiramisu because it's only a quarter of it (okay size is not a matter sometimes but still...) and it is part of the set lunch (I suppose it doesn't affect the yumminess of the cake but still...) and it's banana cake with butterscotch but not tiramisu.

Yea. I went Alexis plainly for the Tiramisu.
And you know what? I tried the Secret Recipe Tiramisu at the night before for comparison purpose.
(okay no. I lied. I wanted to go to Alexis on the night before but didn't make it. Ended up in Secret Recipe instead. Still ordered Tiramisu though)

And nah... The Tiramisu I was dying for.

I thought those red thingie was Ketchup (right. A very stupid thought indeed. Coffee with ketchup. Yuckiness to the maxiness) because it really looks like it but no. It's erm.. I think it's berry sauce. Am not sure about that.

And as for the tiramisu. It's different from other Tiramisus (okay not that I have tried many Tiramisu though) because it's more nutty. I am not a big fan of crunchy stuff's but... well, even Tiramisu doesn't change this fact. I would prefer the one from Secret Recipe. The appearance of the one from Alexis is much more attractive butI still prefer the one with the softer texture from Secret Recipe.
(still better than the one baked by Chung Shang Hui though. Wakaka)

Hell. The whole passage is all about Tiramisu. Jeeeeez.
Next time I will talk about something else. Erm... The Lemon Meringue maybe.

*I secretly wish that I have a filthy rich boyfriend so that he can bring me to try the best tiramisu in the world. Wakaka.*


chengyee said...

zz my craving's coming up

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

!!! mine is always up....