Monday, January 28, 2008

Some mosts and -iest at Sunway Lagoon

It's 3.34a.m. I went to the bed at 2.44a.m. after I got my assignment done and I realised that I am having insomnia because

1) I am caffeinated by a packet of self-made ice Old Town 3-in-1 White Coffe
2) I had a 4-hour after-lunch nap from 1.30p.m. to 5.30p.m.
3) I am hungry because I skipped my dinner for cleaning my room

So, I wake up, and start doing what I am doing now.

Back to the main point.

Some most and -iest at Sunway Lagoon.


To look for kakis and kawans to tag along.

Scroll down until the next topic if you are not interested in who I have tried to invite to tag along.

Alright, this did not happen in Sunway Lagoon. It happened on days before that

So, Nigel informed me about this Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 event and gave me 6 tickets for free.
Not going to invite the others as they wouldn't be as crazy as I do.

I told QQ and Ying Huey there would be hot caucasian hunks surfing and skating and there would be a musical fest. at night and as I've expected, they gladly nodded with 'yes'es and told me things like they couldn't wait to go bla bla bla.

At last, QQ couldn't make it and so she politely asked me 'can not go or not' because she was having a gathering with her collegemaes at the same night and Ying Huey was doing some charity works on the same morning and when I told her I wouldn't go so early she said she wanted to study. Fine, reasonable.

Ying Huey and QQ down

So, I asked Hwai Li - who I think would be interested in 'gap'ping half-naked well-toned hunks. She was interested at first but then she told me that she would be having exam on 28th, 2 days after the event, so she couldn't make it too. The same happened to Jia Liang. I did not ask for the kakis from their gang because they could not make it.

Then, I asked April and Wai Yee, who are my classmates. As expected, they found it not that interested and would not want to skip class because of the hunks. Wai Yee even said, 'what so interested about watching people surfing?'

Wow, all of the sudden.

Next, I asked the other classmate of mine, Victoria, thinking that she might be interested in leng zais. Coincidencely, her friend also asked her out for the same event. She promised. I was like, phew, finally. Then, the disappointing message buzzed my phone, which said that she couldn't make it because she was having menstrual - so coincidencely, on the same morning.

I was not going to ask my classmates anymore because we were suppose to have lectures that day and I was not too close to the others besides April, Wai Yee and Vic. I did not ask my so-called musical family cause I think that they would be working.

So, on the other side, Arthur was doing his work too. First, he tried to ask his 23/24-year-old housemate, Albert with his girlfriend of the same age but he couldn't make it because he 'got something to do'.

Then, he tried to ask Sandra and Mandy who were also from the East, and Sandra said she wanted to study so we did not call Mandy as well.

Next, he tried with his cyber and lunch mate, Ah Keong, and wow, he gladly promised to go with his girlfriend. He said he was on the way to Mid Valley and he would go back home to take shirts. Minutes later, he said he was not going anymore cause he had already had another plan and shouldn't fong fei kei. Well, he is a good guy.

End of the topic. Finally, we went ourselves. 2 of us. Me and arthur.


1)Paid RM20 for a RM 75 package

Which consisted of everything - including the Interactive Zoo. ^^
2)Legally cut queue

We were in this really long queue and we had been in the queue about god knows how long. Suddenly, the person-in-charge blowed the wiesel and the four person at the first place of the queue raised up a hand with a 'V', which indicated that they needed two more people to be on that ride.
Long queue

Wow, of course we gladly volunteered ourselves la right? So, that was how we legally cut queue.

People who let us cut queue

3)Get a Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 tee
I know, most of the crew members have it. But, the difference is that, we grabbed it from this... erm... I donno who guy. And it really fits well on Arthur. the bald guy yang threw us the shirt

We were in the very first row~ yay! those basses were like waves!!!

People who freak me out most

1)A guy in a boxer

We were in the queue to the ride of and we saw a Malay guy with an army's body in a grey boxer - the tight type - made in 100% cotton with a navy-blue button in front of it - standing beside us. Of course I am not that perv - scanning through guys' genital area and see which one is the weirdest. Arthur told me that. Well, I guess it's normal for guys to scan through what guys are wearing as I am scanning through which girl's bikini is the chioest and who has the potential to wear the bikinis and things like that.

2)A guy with 20cm spiky hairs and legging jeans

It wouldn't be any surprise if I saw this on the street. But dude, it's Sunway Lagoon, the theme park. What are you doing here with your neatly blown punk-look hair?? The roller coaster at the Lost of the Golden City would definitely blow your hair away. Fine, maybe you are not playing this because you have some phobia or what. But hello, it is a theme park. And I heard that in order to stuff their legs into the ankle-fit legging jeans, they would firstly put a plastic bag like how they wear socks.

3)A malay girl who spoke Malay and mixed with English vulgars

A malay girl was walking behind us and talking damn loud. I couldn't really hear what she said. Maybe she was speaking Indonesian Malay but not Malaysian Malay and all of the sudden I heard this 'Mother F*cking Sh*t'. So she felt more classy of blurting out English vulgar words?? So she didn't know there is such phrase in Malay as 'Mama amput tahi'? Okay, this is gross, and she might not as creative as me, but I bet she at least know that there is an existence of this word 'Puk*mak'. Fine. That's the only Malay vulgar word I know. I don't even know whether I spelt it right.

I didn't take any pictures of anyone I have mentioned above because I love my camera.

Most regretted

1)Arthur did not want to play anything that involved 360 degree rotating with me

I mean, we have paid RM20. Ended up with no 360-degree rotating ship - Pirate's Revenge and no Tomahawk. Okla, actually I'm very scared also. I don't want to play this two also.

But there's one thing I really really want to play. I donno what that called. Two people sit inside a ball-like cage and get sprang into the air in the speed of 0-120km within 2 seconds. And you will rotate like donno how many degrees in the air. I really wanted to try that la although I know I'm really scared.

2)We didn't wait until the rain stopped.

Most Ouchy
Get stepped by sandy legs

Painful. Painful. Painful. Today still painful. So we were in the crowd, watching the Pop Shuvet or whatever u called it performing. The music was great. The beginning part was damn okay. Things turned to be not so alright when everyone got estactic and everyone kept throwing him or herself to each others. They kept pushing each other, punching each other, scratching each other, stepping each other, getting crazy.

My legs started to be so painful because people around me kept stepping me with their sandy legs. You know, when gross stuff scratch throught your skin, ouch, break of the continuity of skin.

Arthur quickly grabbed my shoulder and I thought that he wanted to played with them together (later I realised he was trying to bring me out). I realised that I was the only girl in the crowd. Most of them had gone out earlier. When we managed to get out from the crowd, we looked back, and still could see that they were pushing each other.

Look at the reddish one.. really damn painful`~


1)Getting into the interactive zoo

You know, I really LOVE hugging fluffy stuff.

Fluffy - it's struggling as u can see

not really Fluffy

Still fluffy - y wasn't it struggling?

And fluffy - mine was struggling again

Fluffy - oh yay! this was posing!!

Not so fluffy - surprisingly, it's warm


Most unforgettable
1)Sitting on Arthur's shoulder

Main purpose was to watch the surfers.

Alright, this was not the first time. Perhaps, this was the longest so far.

Scary when he kept rotating here and there. Didn't get to take any pictures because my hand was trembling. Afraid that I would drop my camera onto the ground.

2)Sitting in the trolley

This might sound ridiculous.

Arthur lost his flip-flops while trying to escape from the crowd. My legs were ouchy painful while wearing the flip-flops. So, both of us tried to walked to the car in barefoot.

The carpark was really greasy. Yuck.

Then, we saw a trolley.


So, Arthur wore my flip-flops, which were so small for him, while I got into the trolley.

Muahaha~~~ Maybe the mentos ads producer would want to consider this idea??

Arthur in my flip-flops

Me in trolley - after shower look - and Arthur was in his free-tee

He was getting tired of pushing this 5xkg stuff I guess.. hmmm...

Oh. 5.22a.m.



Nigel said...

OMG!!!! So romantic you guys!!! You in the trolley...him pushing you some movie like that...imagine:

(movie trailer man's voice)

One guy
Who lost his own but using...(flash)

His girlfriend's flip-flops! *wooosh*

While she...*wooosh*

is being pushed around....(flash)

~ A true story based on real life experience ~

....searching for their vehicle...*woooosh*



*trolleying soon in cinemas near you*


heidi said...


my gosh.... babe you so farny. XD

Love the pictures too! :D

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[nigel] typical video producer... duh... ok.. you will be the director.. decided.

[heidi] ur genting entry is funny too~!!!

Opal said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

Good post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.