Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last day of 2007

On the last day of 2007, me and some of my favourite people did something silly.

1. We did what the dummies did in the Hotlink commercial breaks.

2. We posed by the supporter of the monorail railway.

3. We posed in the middle of the busy streets. ( not so busy at that moment)

4. We used the bubbles created by the bubble gun sellers to create some MTV feel. (not at all... erm.. can you see bubbles?)

5. We posed with the cows.
Ying Huey the Taurus

Mei Yi doen't eat beef - like me
QQ loves blue...
And we fight like bulls..

6. We sit at the stairs at Pavillion like how the pilaks did after 6 hours of walking.

7. While they were resting, I shamelessly ran down the stairs and - posed.

8. We tried to compare ourselves to them - and of course, we losed.

And.. Tadaaaaa~!!!

9. We went up to the hill to squeeze with the others. ( not so silly though)
I look damn horrible in this pic. But what to do? I am ugly.

10. Finally, I tried to turn myself transparent. And at that moment it was semi-transparent.

Post-notes: Few minutes after the countdown, it rains. God is treating us real good.

Conclusion: We travelled from Time Square > Sungei Wang > Starhill Gallery > Pavillion > Pandan Indah Pizza Hut > Ampang look up point > Gilly Cafe... Wonderful~~

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