Monday, January 14, 2008

The Bridal Chorus

oooAlright, before you go on and read this entry, there are 3 significant icons that you need to know. 3 of them are my all time favourite, beside Arthur and my family. So there go some brief introduction about my favourite girls.

And so, I shall start with,


::: Ling Ying Huey:::






:::Chan Qiao Qing(QQ):::



:::University of South Australia:::




:::Lee Mei Yi:::



:::University Utara Malaysia, Kedah:::

:::Studying industrial statistic:::



OK, back to the point now

One bright sunny Sunday morning, after the swimming and badminton and basketball session (well, not playing all at once - QQ's brothers were playing basketball, QQ and again, his brother were playing badminton, and me, Ying Huey and QQ's brother (again) were swimming - proven, guys are more active than girls, always), QQ and Ying Huey went to my house with the purpose to watch the minister's porn set a dress code for Kai Zhen's house-warming party and share some make up tips.

We had some good times on my bed. Eih, who said bed is only meant for couples? who said pillow talks are only meant for couples?

Talk talk talk, gossip gossip gossip, and there, we came to this question, 'who is the earliest one to get married among 4 of us?'



'I think Ying Huey will get married first lor, she looks so motherly..'
'No lor, I think Mei Yi will get married first lor, she looks like those type who is willing to give up her career for her family'
'QQ, I think QQ...'

and bla bla bla bla bla.. non-stop..

and so, we decided to jot them down, on a post-note-type-paper, into a rolls, and put them into a very buruk plastic box. Oh yea, since Mei Yi is in Kedah, we called her, and wrote on behalf of her. We can't miss her lah...

And these are our result.

Starting with the oldest eldest,

Ying Huey say,
1st- Mei Yi
2nd- Shang Hui
3rd- Qiao Qing,
4th- Ying Huey
(she wrote it all in mandarine)

I shamelessly say,
1st - ME !! 我!! SAYA!!
2nd - 灵姑 (Ying Huey)
3rd - 美仪the 叉烧包 (Mei Yi)
last - 巧克力情人(Qiao Qing)

Qiao Qing say,
1st - Ying Huey
2nd - Shang Hui
3rd - Mei Yi
4th - Qiao QIng

Mei Yi say,
1st - Qiao Qing
2nd - Shang Hui
3rd - Ying Huey
4th - Mei Yi

1. I'm the only one who titled myself as the first
2. The rest , as in ALL of them, think that they will get married latest.
3. The rest, as in ALL of them, think that I will be the 2nd one who get married.


Hold hold hold... u might be wondering, 'am I reading some sort of secondary school girl post?'

No no no... for your information, 3 of us are 21 this year, the age of getting the golden key, and yet, we are doing this kind of high school girl thingy.. duh... OK lah... childish.. immature.. whatever u say, say lorrr...

Wait, if I luckily get married at the age I want, and fortunately get two children at the age I want, I do not think that I can't resist to play with my babies.. and by that time I do not think that I can concentrate on my work... Oh no no... I shall get married later..

Erm, people... can I rewrite, please....?


Nigel said...

Sounds like you wanna get married fast...=.="

(tengok-tengok really get married this year...kakakaka...)

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

hooiseh... not that soon....