Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not a big deal



*act calm*

I received my very first hamper in my life today. 31/1/2008.

*Nonono... cannot stand anymore. exclaim*

I received my very first hamper in my life today!!!!!

In my 21st Chinese New Year, finally, I received a hamper with my name on it.

*wiping off the tear of joy* *sob sob* And... I really want to thank Pianoforte for this. Thank you Miss Lim Hoong Ming. I promise that I will treat my students real good.

Enough with my thank you speech. Proudly present to you....

Tadaaaaa!! eih... not nice... NG NG.... another one....



OK, sabar, someone behind the monitor, reading this entry, might have started to ceh.

I mean, I have received many hampers before, which ALL of them were addressed to 'John Chung and family'. Well yea, I am included in that 'family', but this is different

This hamper is addressed to 'Ms Chung Shang Hui', me~~~~

And most importantly, this is a Famous Amos Hamper. No mushrooms, no keropoks, no sparkling juice, dadadadadadada. There are all Famous Amos biscuits. Woohoooooo~~

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

So, to prevent it from rolling front and back because of my driving, I followed strictly the JPJ rule.

And my bag, which was supposed to be sitting on the passenger seat, get thrown to the back seat, sobbing.

Haih.. she thought I couldn't hear her sobbing back there. But I did. So.. I brought it back to the passenger seat again.


Nerris said...

u so cute la....
put sit belt on ur hamper...
but,this shows ur appreciation to it~

*~leAjoo~* said...

hey gal..
share it with me :P
as you noe..i love chocolate n cookies
ohyeah...happy valentines ya